Wednesday, June 21, 2006

If You're Going Through Hell...You Might Get Out Before The Devil Even Knows You're There

I had the worst fucking day today.

First, I get up late because I have trouble sleeping at night for some reason. I'll sleep two hours, wake up, and be wide awake for hours, then get tired again around four am and go back to bed. Tylenol PM does not help like it used to.

Second, because I get up late there are more people at the college than I anticipated. So, I go up to the fourth floor Financial Aid to recieve the Delayed Delivery Loan (I need a fucking loan so we can get groceries this month because my VA check STILL has not even been processed, but that's another bad day a few weeks ago I declined to mention...but I digress) that I was promised yesterday on the telephone with the only competant person working in the F.A. office. So, I get there, and as soon as I go to get on the elevator, a group of people get on with me...where are they headed? Financial Aid! And who gets off the elevator first? They do! So, now I gotta wait in line behind all these parents who came to visit the campus for their spoiled rotton children. These people did absolutely no research on F.A. before they got there because they were being handed FAFSA forms and having to be explained how to fill them out, when to turn them in, finding out most people already were awarded money for the fall term, and then not comprehending this. Oh, and there were only two people working the counter...the rest of the "staff" was sitting in the back room, looking at the line behind the glass door. Fuckers.

Alright, so I finally get up to the counter, and the trainee that got me had no idea what I was talking about. After a few minutes of explaining to her my phone conversation the day before, she finally looks up my info, sees the note the competant worker wrote, then refers me to her supervisor. She directs me to room 4430. I go back there and there is a sweater on the chair, and a note saying to go to room 4429. Now, the door to 4429 is closed. Normally when an office door is closed, no one is working there. So, I try to find someone and tell them this, and they tell me to go to room 4430...I tell them about the note on the door, again, and the tell me to go to the office across the hall...which would be 4429. Ugh! Luckily, as I was walking by 4429 the door opens, and the lady walks out. I hand her my paperwork and she tells me there are people in line ahead of me. So, now I sit and wait for twenty fucking minutes (I'm already supposed to be on the road to Panama City, mind you!) She gets to me finally and takes FOREVER to print a check. Ok, printing a check is not rocket science! If it were, this lady would be in a whole heap of trouble! I swear, a trained monkey could do a better job than everyone in the F.A. office at FSU!

After all that fun, I get sent downstairs, luckily there is no line. He asks for my FSU card, swipes it, and it doesn't work. The stripe doesn't work on anything. So, he's gotta look up my information, verify it, then FINALLY give me my check!!

By this time it is 11:30am my time. I was going to be in PC by this time, but Nooooo! Ok, so the reason I wanted to be in PC so early was because I was supposed to get a call from friends in Forensics so we could all take our test together. I wanted to be in town so I could meet up with them, and they wouldn't have to wait on me to get into town. Now, because I was getting on the road so late I tried to make up time on the interstate. Aparently that was a big fucking mistake! About 12:15 my time, I get pulled over by a State Trooper for doing 89 in a 70. It's almost a $200 ticket. Now, as mentioned before, money is not being kind to Ricky and I now...and a speeding ticket is probably not the best thing for me to have gotten. Fucking cop!

Alright, so after I politely thank the cop for my ticket (I kid you not, I actually thanked the fucker!) I look in my cupholder, and I see...ANTS! Yes, ants in my car. There were only five of them. I never saw anymore of them. But in my current mental condition because of the aggitation of the day this just added to the pile of shit on me.

I get into town, deposit my check, and still haven't heard from anyone from UCSI. I decided to go ahead to the college to see if maybe they were there. They were. They had already started on the test. So, I came in, sat in the back, did my own test, and left. Dr. Nute saw me, but who fucking cares. I met my mom, went to lunch, then traveled back to Tallahassee.

I thought I actually might have done decent on my test too. Nope. Fucking figures. I got a 68. Class average was a 90. I am so fucking pissed and upset it's no wonder I can't sleep. I can never manage to get anything over a C in anything I do in college. People don't hire people with a C average. People hire people with an A average. People with a C average in college end up asking "would you like fries with that" "may I take your order" or "thank you, come again" for the rest of their lives.

I think Relient K might have been onto something with their song "College Kids"...
"Someone please save us, us college kids, What my parents told me is what I did. They said go to school and be a college kid, But in the end I questioned why I did.
I'm poor, I'm starving, I'm flat broke, I've got no cash to spend. Sell all my books for front row tickets to Dave Matthews Band. My girlfriends at another school I know this year will test her, I called, found out she had 3 other boyfriends last semester.
And thats why I say. Oh no, not for me, not for me. Call it torture, call it university. No, arts and crafts is all I need. I'll take caligraphy and then I'll make a fake degree.
80 grand later I found out that all I had learned, Is that you should show up to take your finals and your midterms. The party scene has gotten me, I think its sick and twisted. The navy showed up at my dorm and claimed that I enlisted.
And thats why I say. Oh no, not for me, not for me. Call it torture, call it university. No, arts and crafts is all I need. I'll take caligraphy and then I'll make a fake degree.
Dont get excited, she'll say "no" without a doubt you see. And I've decided college girls just wont go out with me. They make me nervous, and they always catch me off my guard. Like cell phone service I drop out cause college is too hard
It's time to call my father. 'Cause its his alma mater. Good grades aren't what they seem. I think he knows the dean. It's time to call my father. 'Cause its his alma mater. He said hes proud of me. But college always was his dream. And I would always say its not for me.
And thats why I say. Oh no, not for me, not for me. Call it torture, call it university. No, arts and crafts is all I need. I'll take caligraphy and then I'll make a fake degree.
Phi, beta, delta, kappa. Do what will make you happy. Do what you feel is right. Only but one thing matters. Learn how to live your life. Do what will make God happy. Do what you feel is right only the one thing matters, Learn how to live your life."

I'm gunna go make pancakes now.

Britney Marie

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Today I was chewing a piece of gum and I bit a chunk out of my tongue. Now it hurts to eat and talk. Damn gum!
Britney Marie

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It Is About Damn Time!!!!!!!!

I HAVE FINALLY SEEN SOMEONE WIN A MILLION DOLLARS!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! (Well, actually he won $2,180,000, but who cares!)

Britney Marie

Friday, June 2, 2006

32 And you're Flipping Burgers? Anyone Else From Our Graduating Class Back There?

No matter what I fucking do...I'll always be a "C" student. Damn it. Fuck college.
Britney Marie