Thursday, April 26, 2007

To The Doctor's We Will Go

We had an OB appointment today. Our doctor wants to see us once a week now. Olivia is still smaller than Emma. And apparently I cannot keep my big mouth shut. I just *had* to ask how my bloodwork was. Turns out, when I went to go get it, I took the paperwork, but only one of the two sheets. So, I've gotta go tomorrow and get more blood taken. I am not looking forward to that. If I hadn't said anything no one would know. Grrrr!

I also found out today that I'm going to be given a shot of steroids. This is supposed to help the babies lungs to develop quicker in case we have to have them early. I am not looking forward to that either.

If the girls don't start developing correctly and they develop the twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome I'm going to have to go in every few weeks, maybe even once a week, to get fluid drained. They stick a big needle in my belly button and for two hours I sit there and have the amniotic fluid drained. Again, not looking forward to that. If it comes to that, then the procedure could give us an extra week that the babies won't have to be delivered which is very good.

I feel like such a bad mother already. I don't want to do any of these things. I know they will help our babies, but I am such a wimp I can't do it!! I've never had so much as a broken bone, surgery, stitches, or anything like that. The closest thing I've ever had was some teeth pulled, and the last time was back in middle school. I still have my wisdom teeth too! I know that I will do all these things for them, but I am absolutely terrified. I am also terrified that I might have to have a c-section if they need to come early. I am such a wimp! Ugh, I'm going to get a shower to wash off the bad-motherness...*sigh*

Britney Marie

*Update* Oh, and I forgot to mention. My OB is going to Italy for a week, and wants to put me in the hospital for the duration of that week so I can be monitored. This should be fun...Ugh.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And How Was Your Day???

Tentative agenda for 23 Apr 07:
*Get up----8am
*Leave for Panama City----9am
*Dentist appointment----1pm
*Visit parents----3pm
*Return to Tallahassee----4pm

Actual agend for 23 Apr 07:
*Get up----9am
*Leave for Panama City----9:15am
*Get extremely bad back pain----9:30am
*Cancel dentist appointment----12:45am
*Return to Tallahassee----3pm
*Go to hospital----3pm
*Return home from hospital----6:30pm
*Go to bed----7:10pm

As you can see, what I had scheduled for yesterday did not actually happen. From what I gather that I pestered out of the ultrasound nurse (who aparently is not *actually* allowed to make a diagnosis, but she's the only one who was there looking at the ultrasounds) is that my kidney and the pipes attaching them to my bladder are dialated. This means the urine is getting backed up. Which is painful. Thus, the back/kidney pain. Also, the position that the twins are in, makes every one of their kicks a kidney shot. Ricky and I were at the hospital for almost four hours and no one told us what to do for the pain. So, I called my step-mom (the nurse) and told her what I pestered out of the ultrasound nurse. She told me just to pop Tylenol. This could go away in a few hours or it could last a few days. Fortunately, the Tylenol seems to be working, but as soon as that stuff wears off, I'm writhing around in pain again.

So that was my day yesterday. Gunna go get some water, put on a movie, and park it on the couch now. Ugh, I feel like poo.

Britney Marie

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's Better Than One Baby? Two Babies!

Today we had a doctor's appointment with the Maternal-Fetal Specialist. He wants to see us back in three weeks. If everything was ok, he would want to see us in four. Seems we're drifting closer to TTTS. Emma has more amniotic fluid than Olivia, which is one of the first signs of TTTS. There's nothing we can do at this point except to wait. We did find out that Emma is 1lb 4oz and Olivia is 1lb. And we did get some really cool information. We got to see the girls in 3D.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nope...not gonna do it.

Britney Marie

"Let's Hope He Keeps Rolling Sevens"

Tonight Ricky and I start lamaze classes. Should be interesting.We had our "ABC's of Babies" class last night. We got there almost an hour late. We were told it was in the waiting room at the hospital at 6:30pm, so we got there at 6:15pm. The doors were locked. We went around asking random nurses if there was another way in the building. No one knew what we were talking about. So, we waited until 6:30 to see if someone would come open the one.

Then we went inside the hospital and asked a lady at the information desk. She said to try the door again and if it was still locked, come back and she'd call around for us. We get back to the door, and it's open. We go in and the lady is just getting set up. She says the class doesn't start until 7pm. Ricky and I start to help her set up because we're the only people there.She starts passing out a packet with a Lamaze magazine in it. I asked her, "Is this ABC's of Babies"? She says no, it's lamaze. We were in the wrong class!

We left that building and drove around to the Women's Pavillion to see if the class was there. We get up to the labor and delivery area to speak to one of the nurses and find out that the classes are actually in a completely different building down the road from the hospital! We didn't even know this building existed! So, we drive around trying to find this phantom building and we finally did. We walk in and caught the end of the baby video. We're going to watch what we didn't see of the video tonight before lamaze.

What we got to enjoy of the class was pretty good. We were the only couple in there that was having twins, so we got to work with two babies. I think Ricky needs a bit more practice on diapering babies, but he did good for his first try! It's very hard to diaper a hard plastic baby doll! The fabric body babies are much easier.

We'll see how class goes tonight.

Britney Marie

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

"Pain Can Be Controlled--You Just Disconnect It"

Do you ever have those times when it feels like no matter what it is you do or say just isn't right? You can bend over backwards for people, do everything you can to help them, and they look at you like you owed it to them to do it? How do people like that live with themselves? What's the point in doing nice things for people when they never appreciate them anyway? Why do you continue to do these things when you know it will only hurt you later when they don't seem to care? Why do you try to please them? You say, "No more." but know deep down that you're only lying to yourself. How do these people get away with it? They should all be terminated.

Britney Marie