Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Every Little Pat On the Shoulder For Attention Fails to Mention I Still Hate You

I never thought I would get here...but you are reading the blog of a college senior. I swear I never thought I would make it to be a senior in college. This time next year I should be a college graduate. Hello $10,000!!! (I get $10,000 upon graduating FSU) That really is the only thing that has kept my eye on the prize. Lord knows, FSU itself had nothing to do with it. I am so ready to be done with college. I'm going to get my B.A. and attempt my M.A...I want my PhD, but that is going to take some time.
Alrighty, shower time.
Britney Marie

Sunday, August 6, 2006

I'm Just A Notch In Your Bedpost, But You're Just A Line In A Song

In the past few days, three things have stood out to me. 1) People don't know how to STFU in the movie theaters, 2) Health food is taking over, and 3) Other drivers never cease to amaze me.

Ok, number one (with a bullet). If you're going to go to the movie theater, at least have the common decency to keep you retarded mouth shut! I did not pay my 8 bucks to hear how you feel about the movie, the "hott" actress, or anything else that may be expelled out of your moronic mouth. I paid my cash to see the movie in SILENCE. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind if people whisper. There is a difference between whispering to the person next to you, and just out-right talking to everyone. Ok, now. If you are the type of person who happens to talk through movies and no one seems to care, fine. But, the second someone asks you to "please be quiet" then do so. If you don't, I guarantee it will prompt someone to get the overwhelming urge to take their soda and popcorn (yes, the same soda and popcorn they paid 20 bucks and their first born child for) and pour it on top of your head. I GUARANTEE this goes through their whether or not, the person has the capacity to deny themselves that sweet, sweet impusle, is a different story. Lucky for a loudmouth jerk in Panama City, I have control. Sometimes I really wish I didn't.
On to the second thing I've noticed. I was at Wal-Mart this evening purchasing groceries and I was on the macaroni and cheese aisle. Ok, the only mac 'n' cheese I buy is the shapes/spirals ( I think it's because I never got these as a child, just the regular mac 'n' cheese...but I digress). And now you can only get spirals or Scooby Doo because all the other shapes are that crappy "Super Mac 'n' Cheese" Have any of you actually tried that crap? It's awful! The noodles are like whole grain and with the low fat cheese powder (or whatever) it just tastes bland with a bad aftertaste. Later, I was traveling down the snack aisle and was trying to find the Goldfish. The "healthy eaters" have taken over the snack food too!! They didn't have any of the small bags of goldfish in the plain kind, they had some kind of whole grain goldfish! WTF?? This is getting ridiculous. These people who are making all food healthier are denying me my right to get fat. As an American, I have certain rights, and that is one that I want to keep! Health food people, STOP TAKING OVER EVERYTHING!
Third, this one is just amusing. When I was leaving Wal-Mart and driving home, I got stopped at a red light. Ok, there was a car, STOPPED next to me. The light is RED. The left turn arrow turns green. The car next to me (he's not in the turn lane) is still STOPPED because he see's the light for us is still RED. Then, like some cars do, he slowly crept up assuming the light was about to turn green...well it didn't. So, he just went right through the red light like it was a gree light. It didn't turn for another good ten seconds, there's no way he thought it was green! Like I said, people never cease to amaze me with their inability to do a simple task, such as driving.
In other news, I got called "old lady" today. While at Wal-Mart (which I do realize is not exactly where the geniuses of the area congregate...), a little kid (he looked like 5 or 6) passes me and says, "Hey old lady." I thought to myself...I'm only 20, I'm not old! Grrr! Freakin' Kids!
Britney Marie