Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walking & Moving & Packing...Oh My!

Gosh, I've been so busy lately!

Tomorrow I'm taking the twins to my in-laws house for the next five days so we can finish packing up the apartment. We're moving in with my dad and step-mom on Friday. Hopefully they'll be moving out around Christmas and then we'll be buying my dad's house. I never realized how much useless crap Ricky and I have accumulated over the years. We've got almost everything packed, and we're not really missing anything we've packed...I don't know what that means. :)

Friday Dad, Mom and my step-dad are coming in to pack the u-haul and then we're driving in. I'm so ready to be done and over with moving. We have so many plans for the new house. We're going to be painting walls (as first requested by Taki! *smiles*) within two days of moving in. It's going to be really cramped for a few months bc my dad won't let us have our cats in the house, except for our bedroom. So for three months, we're going to have seven cats locked in our I'm currently in the process of trying to talk him into letting them run around. But, we'll see how that goes.

Two days ago Emma took five steps, and yesterday she took six without crashing down. Liv has been able to take one before she falls, which I'll take! :)

Lately they've been getting into everything! Liv got behind the couch yesterday and we couldn't find her! Emma crawled up on some of our boxes and got three boxes high! Liv crawled into the kitchen and ate a handful of catfood before we stopped her from eating her second. Emma grabbed Ricky's X-Box controller, unpaused his game and managed to move his character around on the screen...I was impressed with that one. I also thing Emma is finally starting to associate words with things. She's understanding "juice" and now whenever I'm the only one home she says, "mamama" until after her nap (which is when Ricky is usually home) and the she starts in with the "dadada". They also both know that to open a door you've got to use the knob, but they can't quite reach it yet! It's so cute to see them on their tip-toes trying though!

That's pretty much all that's been going on over here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They Said It Would Get Harder...And Now It Has!

Yesterday was one of the most eventful days I've ever had with the twins! Here's what happened, in no particular order:

1. They were in The Octagon (which we now don't set up as an octagon. We prop it up around the couch and love seat so they can "walk" around.) The purpose of The Octagon is to keep them safe so I can go to different areas of the house. Well, I went into their room to help Ricky get some stuff to pack up and when I came back I only saw Emma. I looked all over the room for Olivia! Finally, I looked behind the couch, and there she was, chewing on the fan outlet plug! Needless to say, I freaked out a little bit. We no longer put The Octagon up like that when we do other things.

2. As I was setting The Octagon up, I picked Emma up and put her in it, and when I turned around to grab Olivia...she was gone. Gone to the kitchen to eat some kitty food. By the time I grabbed her, she had already eaten a few pieces and swallowed them and had her hand in the bowl for more.

3. We were in their room playing before bedtime and Ricky left to go to get a book for them from the living room. When he left and closed the door ('cause they have a bad habit of crawling off down the hallway now) and Olivia crawled over to the door, stood up on her tip-toes and was reaching for the doorknob to follow her daddy! She couldn't quite reach it, but it was nice to know she knew what to do with a door! LoL!

4. All day long Emma has been loudly saying, "Dadadadadada!" I keep telling her "Daddy's at work", but it doesn't do any good. :)

5. Both twins have finally started saying "Mama" and "Dada" albiet in their own little ways, and Emma a little more clearly and often, but they're still doing it! Yea!!

6. While we were playing on the floor, Emma crawled over to Ricky's X-Box controller, picked it up, unpaused his game and started moving his character around the screen. I know it was all a coincidence, but it was still pretty funny!

7. While we were in their room before bed, I stood Emma up (she's gotten really good at standing up by herself, but only when I stand her or she lets go...she can't sit and stand without touching something/someone yet...) and then she took a step! Over the course of a few stand up, take a step, fall down...she managed to take five steps one time before falling! I'm so happy! We got Olivia to take one step, which is really good! She usually does things a few days/weeks after Emma so her taking a step today is awesome!!

8. While playing in the living room, I look over and Emma is standing on top of a stack of boxes three boxes high! I don't know how she got up there, but she did and was headed for the window.

I kept hearing from different parents that once they're "mobile" it would get harder, and the other day I was thinking, "Eh, it's not that bad. They're mobile (crawling) and they're not getting into anything. I've got the best kids ever!" Yeah, right! haha!

In other news, Ricky and I are moving in 3 days. We're moving in with my dad, until he moves out sometime between October and December then we're going to buy his house (the house I grew up in). We've been packing for almost a month and still have so much left to do. All the things that are left out are things that we're still currently using, like the television and the computer. We've packed up our dvd collection and have been watching the same box of movies for a straight month. If I have to hear that VeggieTales theme one more time I'm going to shoot myself. The other day Ricky and I went to Best Buy and I got the twins a few (*ahem* ten *cough*) new movies to watch.

Oh, I almost forgot. Ricky and I went to the flea market on Saturday (we do *heart* our dirt malls) and there's this guy that has a booth there that we've purchased stuff from before. I got a couple Disney vinyls to frame (I like to frame records) and Ricky found me a New Kids On The Block cd from 1994. We've purchased from this guy before, but sometimes his merchandise isn't exactly what you thought you were buying. For example, one time Ricky got a cd and when he opened it, it wasn't in there. Another time, he bought a cd and there was two copies of it in there. For two dollars, it's not a huge deal that it happens every once in a while. But, when we got to the car, I had Ricky open it up to check to see what was actually in there. When he did, he looked at the front cover (on the inside of the case) and it was autographed! For two dollars, I got NKOTB's autograph! :)

On a completely different note, do you ever wish you could look at someone and tell them exactly what's on your mind instead of sugarcoating it all the time because you don't want to make them mad at you? 'Cause I do all the time.

Britney Marie

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Been A While

It's been a long time since I've posted. I didn't realize that. Hmmm....

Our family will be moving back to Panama City, in 9 days (that's next Saturday for those of you who can't count days). I'm really excited. We'll be living with my dad and step-mom until probably Christmas, but that won't be bad. They said we won't have to pay rent or utilities while they're there so basically we'll get to keep Ricky's entire paycheck.

The only thing I'm really going to miss are our friends we've made here.