Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Know It’s Hard But...

...sometimes you just have to let some people be retarded by themselves.
Thanks Sid! *smiles*

Britney Marie

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey You Guys!

The twins decided they wanted to sleep through the night tonight. We fed them at 7:30pm, bathed them and put them in bed at it is 4:00am and they are still sleeping. Our girls rock!

About an hour ago I started reading through my old LiveJournal. I never realized how funny I used to be. I also didn't realize that I cursed like a sailor. How times change.

I am really quite bored right now. I've already done the dishes and the laundry that I was saving for tomorrow. All the things that are on my to do list for today are things that I have to wait until businesses open to do. First off, I have to call my OB doctor and get him to send a letter to my good-for-nothin' insurance company. See, when I was in the hospital having the twins I had my OB and per hospital policy (and the fact that I was having twins) there was a second doctor assisting the c-section. Before the surgery I had spoken with this secondary physician and he had agreed to tie my tubes. (Two kids is enough!) Well, with all the complications that I had during the surgery, no one told me whether or not the tubal was actually performed, and to this day I still have not been billed for it. So, yeah, I freaked the hell out earlier when I realized this fact.

Anywho, the only explanation of benefits I have recieved from my insurance (from this doctor) has been for the assist. And my good-for-nothin' insurance company says they won't pay for an assistant...even though it is hospital policy that one be present. I still have not recieved one for my tubal. So, I called the doctor today (the secondary) and asked to make sure that the tubal was performed even though there were a lot of complications. For some reason, there was no record of me in their computer. So the lady had to call me back after she figured out what was going on. Basically, I'm not going to be charged for the tubal because they can get more money out of me by charging for the assist. There be the problem...our insurance would cover the tubal, no problem. Ugh. Stupid doctors. Stupid insurance. Argh! I just wanna bite someone's face off!

But I I have to call my regular OB to get him to write a letter to my insurance company to tell them that it was medically necessary to have two doctors in there, and they need to get their asses in gear and start paying for my medical bills.

I hate growing up. A few years ago I wouldn't have to worry with any of this crap. Now it seems like it is a constant battle.

In other news, Deidre and I are going to a Fall Out Boy concert on November 3rd. The first 100 tickets purchased (during the presale) get early entry into the arena. The first 30 tickets get a meet and greet. Now, I don't want to get my hopes up or anything, but the fact remains that the tickets went on sale at 3:00pm on the 18th, and I had purchased them by 3:01pm. I don't see how we could *not* be one of the first 30 tickets, but we'll see. Stranger things have happened...and stranger things have sucked. We'll find out a week before the concert if we won the meet and greet. *fingers crossed*

Apparently yesterday was talk like a pirate day or something. I had no idea. It was all over Flickr though.So, in honor of that day (even though I didn't find out about it until almost midnight) I watched "The Goonies". I forgot how much I heart that movie.

Since it is now 5:25am and I have yet to get into bed...I think I'll bid you all goodnight. Aw, who am I kidding...I'm just going to curl up on the couch and watch another movie...I'm thinking "The Princess Bride."

Britney Marie

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Day In The Life

Today we are having a game night at our house. Some friends from Ricky's work are coming over and we're going to play the heck out of some "Mario Kart: Double Dash", "Mortal Kombat", and "Smash Brothers: Melee". It is going to be awesome! In keeping with tradition I have baked a cake for the event.

Last night at the midnight feeding I was feeding Emma. She had only taken three of the six ounces of formula that she normally takes. So, after burping her, I set her up for some more. Apparently that was just not what she wanted and she spit up with the bottle still in her mouth. That made the baby vomit spray out everywhere. I immediately took out the bottle, and she projectile vomited twice, hitting the couch (which luckily was covered with a blanket for just such an occurrance) and hitting Ricky in the arm. Needless to say, we changed her clothes, and put her to bed. She was done.

Olivia, on the other hand, waited until she was put into bed before vomiting. She got it all over her sheets, clothes, and it was all in her hair. Since she was so gross, we gave her a bath, (the second one for the night) and put her to bed. After that, both girls slept really well.

Our cats have decided to go crazy. For some reason they think it is ok to get in the cribs. The girls are never in there, but they know better to get into them when they're empty too. Now, normally I would just pick the offending kitty up and get them out of the girls room. Unfortunately, the kitties have decided that merely getting into the girls cribs is no longer sufficient. Here's what they've decided to do.

Fortunately, we have waterproof mattress pads so the mattress isn't all gross. I don't know what has gotten into our kitties, but I think it's safe to say that they don't like our daughters.

I finally got around to finishing up Alicia and Patrick's wedding gift. I'm only two months late with it. I'm also in the process of making Christmas gifts for people. It sucks to be poor.

Time to make rice krispy treats and make some lunch.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fat Baby & Ultra-Mega Fat Baby

Emma and Olivia had a weigh in yesterday. Olivia is 9lbs (50th percentile, right on target.) and Emma is 11lbs (99th percentile, fat fat baby.)

The nutritionist lady we spoke with kept calling Em, "a chunk".

Britney Marie