Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Dammit, He Put My Stapler In Jello Again!"

*yawn* It is 5:29am. I should be sleeping for another hour or so. But...clearly, I am not. I woke up this morning at 3:45 when the alarm went off for Ricky. I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I got back, I thought I was going to get sick. I had Ricky get my medicine for me (I couldn't even lean over to my night stand to get it). The second I took that, it hit me. The worst pain I have ever been in, second only to a kidney infection that landed me in the hospital a few years ago. Oh my God! I felt like a had a chest-buster about to pop out!!! I can only assume that what I was experiencing was heartburn. Well, I'm here to tell you, I do not like heartburn. This is the second night in a row I have gotten it, and I got it twice tonight. Aparently I am no longer allowed to sleep on my back, because that's when I start to feel it. I have to sleep on my's the only thing I have found to relieve it. Unfortunately I was unable to take any Tums for it because I felt I would lose everything if I was to put anything into my mouth.

About an hour ago I got out of bed and decided to surf the internet for a while. Normally I would try to go back to sleep, but I looked at the syllabus for all my classes yesterday and it turns out that I have a test a 8am today. I thought it was next week. I was wrong. So, now, in addition to being tired, achy, and my heart apparently on fire, I've gotta cram for a test in Brain & Behavior.

Luckily, the heartburn isn't as debilitating as it was when I was laying in bed. I shouldn't have a problem getting to class and taking the test today. Problem is, I just don't wanna go. I am so sick and tired of college it's not even funny. And you know, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal anymore. You know, once you find out you're going to be a parent, everything else seems like it's not really that big of a deal.

Then again, I was thinking the other day. I'm taking the six classes I need to graduate in April. If for whatever reason I do not pass all of these classes I will not have enough credits to graduate. Therefore I will need to take a class or two (or however many I do not pass) during the summer. The problem lies in the fact that my prepaid college ran out this semester. I also have not applied for any summer scholarships because I should be graduating. So, basically, if I pass all my classes everything will be great because I'll have my B.S. and can go out and get my State job or whatever. If I do not pass all my classes this semester, I'll have to figure out some way to pay for classes this summer, going to class while 6, 7, 8 months pregnant. That is going to suck something fierce. If I don't pass my classes and do not come up with the money to finish up in the summer, I will not have my B.S. and will not be able to get my State job and will have to work at some retail store or wherever doesn't require a B.S...translation :crappy pay. So, everything is riding on me passing this semester. I'm already starting off badly because I've been so sick lately. I went to all my classes the first week. Then the morning sickness hit me. And it turns out I have what's called "hyperemesis gravidarum" Click it to check out a website I found on it. Basically it it the worst kind of morning sickness. Sometimes it lasts the whole 9 months.

I know getting stressed out is not going to solve anything. But some things (most things) I just can't help getting bent out of shape about. Don't get me wrong, things are going great with Ricky and I. The doctor says the babies look great. All except the sickness and the dehydration, the pregnancy seems to be going well. I keep hearing that the sicker you are, just means that the babies are healthy. I think that's what keeps me from going completely crazy.

Everyone has been really great in dealing with me lately. I shouldn't have to worry about much maternity clothes thanks to Gen (Thanks again, by the way!!). So, that's one less thing for me to worry about. I also talked to my mom the other day and she said that she would go in and help us get two cribs, a dresser, and a changing table for the babies. The ones we like are at Toys R Us. My dad also said that he would go in on it as well. And my dad doesn't normally help out with things like that. It's kinda nice. Unfortunately, Ricky's family will be unable to help us out. I don't think they'll be able to do anything at all. I can't really blame them, Ricky's sister is getting married in June (babies are due in August) and all of their funds seem to go to her. Not that I'm complaining, I mean, they don't have to do anything for us...but it would really help out. But I understand...a wedding is a big deal. I mean, Ricky and I had ours, and now is is Gert's turn. I just hope the wedding goes well for all the money they're pouring into it.

On to a change of subject. Ricky and I have realized fairly recently that we own the worlds dumbest cat. Abby, aka Abimale, the girl kitty that turned out to be a boy kitty. He is so adorable, and the most lovable kitty I have ever met. But he is dumb as a box of rocks. He "locked" himself in the bathroom the other day. The door was not shut, just closed. He could not figure out how to paw it open. He will go up to open doors and paw at them, trying to get them to "open" because he thinks that they are shut. He is constantly pawing at every door in the house because he thinks he's being locked out of somewhere cool. He also has tried to paw his way into the television screen, Ricky's computer monitor, and a poster of Shaun of the Dead. He also drools when he sleeps. Not to mention the fact that he has taken quite a...shall I say "interest" in a blanket from our bed. I have to knock him off the bed at least once a night because he is "getting busy" with it. Unfortunately for me, the blanket is usually on my leg. We have ultimately determined that if this cat could talk, he would sound like Timmy from South Park. Only he would say "Abby!" I love the cat to death, but boy is he dumb.

The other day I was updating our list of movies that we have. Our movie list is up to 999. One more and we will have 1000 movies. I don't know whether to be proud of that number or ashamed that we have no life and all we do is watch movies.

Wow, I was really not expecting to write nearly this much. Since it's not 6am, I should probably go get my shower and start getting ready for this test I am going to most likely bomb. Check out my pictures for the first belly shot if you're interested. It might not look like much of a "bump" but it's enough for my regular pants to be uncomfortable to wear now.

Britney Marie

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like A Horror Movie

I have the greatest husband in the world. Today I got a dozen roses, a card, Twix candy bars, Care Bear chocolates, and Saw III. *smiles*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

People Are Bastard Coated Bastards With Bastard Filling

As I'm waiting at the light at Wal-Mart on Appalachee Pkwy to turn left to go home, there is a car in front of me. As we turn he starts to get into the outside lane and I stay in the inside lane. The guy realizes the lane closes in like 100ft, so he cuts back into my lane. He had plenty of room to do this. He turns around and gives me the finger!! I didn't do anything, but let him back in front of me. Bastard.

Then I'm driving down the Pkwy and this lady in front of me refuses to drive faster than 35mph. I kid you not. It's like her car topped out at 35! She would gun it when the light turned green, but once her car reached 35, she would coast! Ugh! Bastard.

Then, as I'm pulling into the parking lot in front of our apartment, I'm right by the pool. (If you've ever been to our apartment, you know there is a blind curve by the pool and if you're coming from my direction, you need to inch up to make sure you don't run into someone.) So, I'm inching up, and there is a car. So I stop to let him by. And I guess there was something shiny in the parking lot that was just keeping his interest, and he almost runs into my front end! He finally looks at me at the last second and swerves. We weren't going fast at all, and like I said, I was stopped. But still. Bastard.

Britney Marie

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Threw Caution To The Wind But I've Got A Lousy Arm

Today I spent the better part of my afternoon in triage at the hospital. Turns out I was quite dehydrated and needed to get IV fluids. I have never had an IV in my life. Today was no fun. Lemme recap the day:

I had an OB/GYN appointment today at 2:30. I go in and they do the usual. Check my weight, make sure I'm doing ok and do an ultrasound. I didn't get to keep a picture today, but the babies are doing great. They were both moving around like crazy. Before I was ready to leave, one of the nurses came in and told my doctor that I was still dehydrated, and it hadn't gotten any better. ( I had gone to the doctor on Tuesday, to get them to call in a prescription that they apparently could not remember to do unless I came in. And that day they checked me for dehydration, which I was slightly.)So, then my doctor calls triage and tells them to expect Ricky and I so I can get an hours worth of IV fluid.

Ricky and I get to triage and have to wait for what seems like forever filling out paperwork before the call us back. They finally call us back and make me put on one of those stupid gowns. So, I'm sitting back there with a nurse and a student nurse giving them my information. They then tell me that the nurse will be in soon to give me my IV. Up until the part where the IV nurse actually walks in, I'm doing ok. As soon as she opens up that curtain, I swear my heartrate tripled!!!

The IV nurse comes in and talks to us for a minute, and to calm me down a little, she lets us hear the babies heartbeats. We hadn't gotten to do that yet, and it was so amazing! After that, it was time for the IV. She puts the tourniquet on my arm and I thought I was going to pass out. I don't think she and Ricky could tell though.Then she swabs it with that alcohol swab thing, and goes, "One, Two, Three..." Oh my God, it hurt so bad!!! And she says, "It will hurt for a few minutes and be sore for a few minutes, but it will get better." Well, after it started to hurt worse, she checked out the tube, and turns out it came out of my vein. She was going to have to do it again!!

Instead of doing it again (my arm was killing me at this point) she said I could just have a glass of water. Now, why she didn't mention the fact that I could just have a glass of water to begin with escapes me. So, she gets me my water, then tells me I won't be able to leave until I can pee in a cup. So, I drink my water, and try to go as best as I can. I knew they weren't going to like it...and I knew they were going to say I was still dehydrated, but I hoped since I did what they asked, I could leave. Nope. IV nurse brings in a second IV nurse and says that I definately need an IV because I am very dehydrated.

IV nurse number two then starts to put a tourniquet on my right arm (my left arm was the one they stuck and made bleed the first time...and I'm still bleeding at this point too!) And I was like, "What are you doing???" She says nothing, but then starts prepping the IV tube again! Before she went any farther she asked what I'd been eating and drinking lately. I told her that I'd been drinking like 6 water bottles or more a night, and it was odd that I was dehydrated still. Then when I told her that I would only eat maybe one meal a day, she said that could account for the look of dehydration. So, instead of getting a second IV, she says to go home and eat more. Then she said if it didn't get better, to come back, and get an IV.

I have another doctor appointment on March 1st. By then I will be 16 weeks and it will be time for blood tests. I am not looking forward to that, but I can handle that a whole heck of a lot better than getting an IV. This was not a good experience for my first IV. I NEVER want another one, even though I know I'm going to need one eventually. My arm is still sore.

Monday, February 5, 2007

"I'll Have A Coke Then..."

I went to take my first test in Computer Literacy. There were four parts to it: 1: Book reading and vocabulary, 2: Windows XP, 3: Microsoft Word, and 4: Microsoft Excel. I got a 30/50 on the Book reading because I didn't read the book. I was surprised I got as many as I did. I got a 20/20 on XP, 24/25 on Microsoft Word and 19/20 in the Excel. Much better than I thought I was going to do. Let's just hope I do as well in the rest of my classes.

Not much else going on. Ricky and I are sitting down watching Battlestar Galactica. We've been meaning to watch it, but haven't gotten around to it until now. James said it was good and let us borrow it, but I think it's going to suck. I'll probably be proved wrong and love it, that happens a lot, but for now I'm sticking to it sucking.

Britney Marie

"People In Glass Houses Sink Ships"

God bless whoever invented Zofran. Turns out I just wasn't taking it enough. So far I haven't been sick in over 24 hours. Yea!! It doesn't keep me completely nausea free, but as long as I'm not stuck in bed or throwing up all's fine with me. Oh, and by the way...I love you all, but if one more person tells me "just eat some crackers" I'm going to punch them in the face. *smiles*

Britney Marie

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Build God, Then We'll Talk

This weekend Ricky and I are going to have a Star Wars weekend. We're watching all six of them. Last weekend we watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I am so tired of being sick all the time. The medicine I was given isn't helping. I threw it up yesterday. Today I've been "incapacitated" three times. It seems to be getting worse. I can't even keep Gatorade down. This sucks.

Time to go lay down. Ugh.
Britney Marie