Monday, February 5, 2007

"I'll Have A Coke Then..."

I went to take my first test in Computer Literacy. There were four parts to it: 1: Book reading and vocabulary, 2: Windows XP, 3: Microsoft Word, and 4: Microsoft Excel. I got a 30/50 on the Book reading because I didn't read the book. I was surprised I got as many as I did. I got a 20/20 on XP, 24/25 on Microsoft Word and 19/20 in the Excel. Much better than I thought I was going to do. Let's just hope I do as well in the rest of my classes.

Not much else going on. Ricky and I are sitting down watching Battlestar Galactica. We've been meaning to watch it, but haven't gotten around to it until now. James said it was good and let us borrow it, but I think it's going to suck. I'll probably be proved wrong and love it, that happens a lot, but for now I'm sticking to it sucking.

Britney Marie

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