Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own

My house smells like the paper mill. *blech*

Britney Marie

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Don't Want To Be At The Business End Of A Bad Mistake

My grades are starting to make me happy now. For a little bit there my grades were beginning to slip, but they're coming up again. I got an 89 on my math test tonight. I also got a 16/20 on my research methods quiz. That's the highest grade I've gotten so far. Plus, I got a 68 on my Corrections test. I know it's not great, but it's better than the 52 I got on the first test!

I'm looking forward to our next dive on Saturday. We're going out to Pat Thomas Training Academy in Havana (near Tallahassee). They have a sunken boat, car, and plane. As far as I know, we're supposed to do the underwater obstacle course. I can't find anything to tell me more than that it's just an obstacle course. I'm curious as to what it looks like.
've been stuck on Mythbusters lately. The episode on tonight is if a person can throw a playing card and kill someone, if a heated jaw breaker will explode, and if sandblasting a 8" diameter will create enough static charge to explode like a static cannon and kill or at least injure someone.

Ricky and I watched Toy Story 2 tonight. I had only seen it once in the theaters. It was hilarious. I forgot how funny it was.

Britney Marie

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I've Seen Elvis, He Was Sitting Next To Bigfoot on the UFO

Nothing much happened today. Ricky and I stayed at the house and packed up some more stuff. We went to the Flea Market and I got two more care bears that I have to pack now. Our house looks so bare in certain places...other places its so full of random stuff!
What movie should I watch? I've been trying to decide that for the past half an hour. I'm gunna go do another look-see.
Britney Marie

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Ricky is going to sign the lease tomorrow. We will have the apartment on April 16th. But, we're not actually going to move in until like the first week of May. We sold our house and the closing is May 4th. GCCC graduation is May 7th. I'm excited. Ricky and I get to walk across the stage one right after the other. It's going to be so great!
Our house is so messy right now because of all the boxes and stuff. Oh, tomorrow I've gotta take all five kitties to get their shots. That should be oh so much fun! I'm not looking forward to that. Nor am I looking forward to two hours of my kitties crying and whining on the way to Tallahassee!
Alrighty then, I'm going to get a shower, put on some pjs and loaf aroun d on the couch because I feel like poo. Ok, byes everyone!
Britney Marie

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Flames On The Side Of My Face...Heaving...Breathless...Heaving Breaths...

Ricky and I have started packing our house up. We went to Tallahassee yesterday and looked at some apartments. We're going again tomorrow to look at some we missed yesterday. We would have gone today, but I've got stupid math class tonight. It's at GCCC so it's not Spring Break there. Stupid GCCC!!! Spring Break for them is next week I think.
Ok, well, off to work on packing again. We're also looking at moving sometime in May instead of June. It would be easier that way.