Saturday, June 30, 2007

False Alarm

I had my labor stopped three times today. I've been at the hospital since 8am, it's not 2pm. No babies...yet. I got two shots and three pills and a prescription to keep labor from starting again for another week.

Britney Marie

Baby Time?

7:37am. En route to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

We'll see if it's the real thing or not.

Britney Marie

Why The Hell Am I Awake???

5:40am. I went to bed at 1:30am. So, why am I awake now?

I don't think I can do this anymore. I am so tired. I've got a serious case of heartburn and acid in my throat that it is impossible to lay down in bed. I have to get up to go to the bathroom literally every hour, if not sooner. My lower back is killing me. When the babies kick it's like they have a vendetta against my organs. I've got the a/c on 70 degrees, a standing fan blowing directly on me and our overhead fan on high and I'm still only wanting to go stick my head inside the freezer to cool off.

Ricky is sleeping with no trouble at all. I'm tempted to wake him up, but I won't.

Britney Marie

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's My Blog And I'll Do What I Want

I'm a complainer, and I know it, but it's my blog and I'll complain if I want to! With that said, here we go...

I have a confession to make. I am doing everything I can to kick-start labor. I'm only at 33 weeks 2 days but I am so miserable it's not even funny. I have aches in places that I didn't know existed! The babies are using all of my internal organs as punching bags. Both the girls should be 4lbs by now and that adds up to 8lbs of babies in there! I can't sleep very well anymore. People keep telling me to put a pillow between my legs, but I've been doing that for months now and now it doesn't seem to be helping at all. I'm constantly tossing and turning, and now I can't even sleep on my back. There's too much pressure and it hurts.

I'm supposed to be on bedrest, but I haven't stuck to that at all. Every day I do the housework so Ricky doesn't have to when he gets home from work. It's not fair for him to have to go to work for 9 or more hours and then come home and clean up after me and the kitties. 'Course I do let him do the litterbox and take out the garbage, but those are boy chores anyways! LoL! I'm hoping that all the walking around I do throughout the day will kick-start something. And I'm also hoping that by doing so much around the house all day that I'll tire myself out and night and be able to get a decent night's far nada.

I never thought it would get to this point, but right now I'm not scared of a c-section at all. I welcome it with open arms. Anything to get these babies out! I don't see how people go to 40 weeks with one baby, let alone twins! I found out that my stepsisters (twins) were born at 41 weeks and they were both almost 8lbs each. Their mother is amazing in my book! I've been told that anyone who saw her during those last few weeks has never since seen anyone so miserable. I don't know how she did it!

I know that the babies need to keep, as Ricky says "baking", but I am just so miserable. I swear that these babies are never going to come out on their own and I'll be forced to carry them for the rest of my life!

I never thought I'd be wishing for the pains of labor and delivery...but here I am saying, "Bring it on!"

Britney Marie

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hiss, You're Never Around When I Need You!

Ahhhh!!!!! My freaking OB is out of town in Italy this week and next week! What if I have the babies?? WTF am I supposed to do? I don't want some stranger delivering my babies! I don't want someone I've never met with before to be doing this procedure! What's the point in going to a doctor for eight or nine months when he's not even going to be there when the time comes??? I know I'm only at 32 weeks, but he said we'd be lucky to get to 34 weeks! So, he's going to be gone during my 32nd and 33rd weeks, wtf am I supposed to do??? Whatever's going on in Italy better be a freaking emergency, that's all I have to say!!!

In other less stressful news, Ricky came home from the grocery store yesterday with flowers. It was so sweet. And at our last appointment Emma was 3lbs 12oz and Olivia was 3lbs 4oz. They're getting bigger!! Yea!! Also, last night I had the worst stomach ache. I was told it was because I don't have any room for my organs anymore, the babies have moved them all around. The pain lasted constantly about 10 minutes, but I was able to fall asleep after that which was good. I'm still not feeling 100% and I'm a little scared to eat anything, but other than that things are going well lately. Haven't had a lot of sciatic problems, haven't had any back aches, and haven't really been as itchy as I was in weeks past. At least that makes me smile!

Britney Marie

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sanctuary Boys....

Ok, I've had about enough of these hot flashes! It seems every ten minutes I have to go into the kitchen and stick my head literally into the freezer to get some relief! The A/C, ceiling fans and the oscillating fan that I drag from room to room just aren't cutting it anymore! God Bless the Freezer!

Britney Marie

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Neverending Story

I think I just might stay pregnant forever. I swear this is never going to end. Ugh!

Britney Marie

Monday, June 11, 2007

Test Run 01

Ricky and I had to make a test run to the hospital earlier. I was having contractions every five minutes and that lasted about half an hour. So, we called the hospital, asked if we should come, they said yes, we packed up the car and headed over there. We were there a little under two hours and then I was released. Turns out that I was having cramps more than contractions (cramps are contractions lasting less than 40-50 seconds) but still contracting some. So, they observed me and called my doctor. My doctor decided to let us go home instead of giving me another shot to stop the labor. I have another appointment with him tomorrow and we'll see what he says.

I'm still feeling the contractions, but there's nothing that I can do about them. I just have to let them run their course unless they get more painful...which they don't seem to be doing (which is a good thing). So, now I'm just annoyed by them! *sigh* Time to watch some more Rescue Me to get my mind off it.

"I Didn't Recognize You Without The Handcufffs"

I swear this past weekend has been the laziest I've ever been! Deidre came up and all we did was sit around in our pj's and watch movies. We watched 5 or 6 of them on Saturday and 3 I think on Sunday. Ricky was the only one to leave the house, and that was only to go get us all some lunch.

All in all it was a lot of fun.

If you haven't seen the film version of "Rent" you should stop what you're doing, go out, rent it and watch it right now. It is really good. The end is sad, but it's great.

Britney Marie

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Was That The "Loser Sneeze"?

Went in for my second dose of the steroid shot. This one didn't hurt at all until about 30 seconds after it was over. Then it started to burn like crazy. But it was nothing compared to the one yesterday. I didn't even flinch when she stuck me with the needle. Either she is just really freaking good at her job, or I'm getting used to being stabbed. I don't think I like that idea.

They also hooked me up to the monitor. I was having contractions every minute and a half for a little bit, then they slowed down to every three minutes or so. Then I was having them every 5 minutes. My doctor came in to check on me. (it was so late in the evening, I didn't think he was still going to be there) I was afraid that I would have to get the shot again to stop the contractions, but he said everything was ok since they were slowing down. He also said if I felt 6 contractions within an hour to call him. So I've been trying to pay attention to everything to make sure I don't miss a contraction, but most of them I don't even feel. He also said that since it's twins, everything thinks that there's just one baby and it's almost at term so that's why it's starting soon. All I have to do is take it easy still.

My doctor also mentioned that we'll most likely have the babies at 34 weeks. So, with me being already into my 30th week, there's only three weeks left to go.

Britney Marie

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Good Old Fun-Time Hurley

I have been at the doctor's office since 2pm today. I have not eaten anything except the crackers a few nurses could scrounge up for Ricky and I. I also had to get a steroid shot in my hip, and will have to go back tomorrow for it's sibling. That shot hurt like a mother-******. While I was in triage and hooked up to the monitors, we came to realize that I was having contractions...every three minutes. So, I had to get another shot to stop the contractions. Luckily they did, or else I would still be sitting at the hospital hooked up to an IV.

So, tomorrow between 5:30pm and 6:00pm, I will be at the hospital recieving the second dose of the most painful shot I have ever had to recieve. My hip still hurts and where the needle went in looks like an ant bite that was scratched off. Never in my life have I had to be poked, prodded, stuck, and drained this much. I hope these babies don't want a sibling, because it's not gonna happen. If I have a c-section, they can just tear everything out of there and be done with it. I don't need my internal parts anymore. They've caused me nothing but trouble.

On a better note, we got to see a really cute ultrasound of the twins yesterday at the specialists office. Emma was on the screen and she hiccuped. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. And the printed out a picture of both girls profiles with them looking at each other. Unfortunately, our scanner is on the fritz and we are unable to scan anything in for everyone to see. I'll scan them in as soon as I can though. It's the most adorable ultrasound photo in the world...thus far.

Britney Marie

*UPDATE* Not two minutes after I posted this blog, we had a grease fire in the kitchen. Ricky was cooking chicken nuggets, and some of the grease sloshed out and started a fire on the stove. He tried to smother it, but that didn't work, so we had to pull out the fire extinguisher. Everyone is ok, the stove isn't damaged, the apartment isn't damaged. That was just a little bit scary though. But like I said, everyone is fine, no one was hurt.

Dude, You've Got Some Artz On You

The doctor's appointment with out specialist went well. Emma is 2lbs 11oz, and Olivia is 2lbs 10oz. I'm still on bedrest and the babies can still come at anytime, but he wasn't too worried about the dialation and effacement. So, he made another appointment for us in three weeks and said, "I'll see you in three weeks, if you're still pregnant!"

Britney Marie