Thursday, June 7, 2007

Was That The "Loser Sneeze"?

Went in for my second dose of the steroid shot. This one didn't hurt at all until about 30 seconds after it was over. Then it started to burn like crazy. But it was nothing compared to the one yesterday. I didn't even flinch when she stuck me with the needle. Either she is just really freaking good at her job, or I'm getting used to being stabbed. I don't think I like that idea.

They also hooked me up to the monitor. I was having contractions every minute and a half for a little bit, then they slowed down to every three minutes or so. Then I was having them every 5 minutes. My doctor came in to check on me. (it was so late in the evening, I didn't think he was still going to be there) I was afraid that I would have to get the shot again to stop the contractions, but he said everything was ok since they were slowing down. He also said if I felt 6 contractions within an hour to call him. So I've been trying to pay attention to everything to make sure I don't miss a contraction, but most of them I don't even feel. He also said that since it's twins, everything thinks that there's just one baby and it's almost at term so that's why it's starting soon. All I have to do is take it easy still.

My doctor also mentioned that we'll most likely have the babies at 34 weeks. So, with me being already into my 30th week, there's only three weeks left to go.

Britney Marie

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