Monday, June 11, 2007

Test Run 01

Ricky and I had to make a test run to the hospital earlier. I was having contractions every five minutes and that lasted about half an hour. So, we called the hospital, asked if we should come, they said yes, we packed up the car and headed over there. We were there a little under two hours and then I was released. Turns out that I was having cramps more than contractions (cramps are contractions lasting less than 40-50 seconds) but still contracting some. So, they observed me and called my doctor. My doctor decided to let us go home instead of giving me another shot to stop the labor. I have another appointment with him tomorrow and we'll see what he says.

I'm still feeling the contractions, but there's nothing that I can do about them. I just have to let them run their course unless they get more painful...which they don't seem to be doing (which is a good thing). So, now I'm just annoyed by them! *sigh* Time to watch some more Rescue Me to get my mind off it.

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