Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We Have A Love/Hate Relationship...And Right Now I Hate You

Warning: I will be saying "fuck" a lot. You have been sufficiently warned. That is all...

Well, I will never be going to graduate school. My GPA is not high enough, and today I got called lazy by a teacher. Now, how the FUCK is someone who takes 17 credit hours in a 13 week period fucking lazy? Answer me that!!! Granted I had problems with it, it wasn't because of lazyiness, it's because one of my teachers was too busy working on her graduate degree to actually teach us anything, two of my classes were in PC which, I know now, was a bad idea to drive back and forth once a week to go to, and one of my classes changed the date of the fucking final without telling anyone and I had the fucking flu!!! Like I could fucking help that!!! Ugh!!!

So, because I'm only "average" and not "good" I will never be able to further my education. Fuck that! That's is so fucking wrong!!! Just because someone doesn't have a 3.0 average as an undergrad, doesn't mean that they're going to flunk out of graduate school. Give me a fucking chance. People say not to compare yourself to others, but society does it all the fucking time. Because Student A did bad, obviously I'm going to be a fuck-up too...I mean, c'mon!!!

The president of the fucking country was an "average" student, and he's above all you professor-fucks! Now, you try and tell the president of the fucking country that he can't go back to school and get a fucking masters degree...go on and try it! Fuck!!!

Ugh! So my GPA was a 2.something before the summer semester sent it plummetting into the abyss...that doesn't mean that had I taken less classes that it would have. For all you fucks know, I could have gotten all A's had the circumstances surrounding the semester not happened. Then my GPA would be higher. So, because of life situations and incompetent teachers (which you fucks hired, mind you!!!) I have to be penalized for the rest of my fucking life? Because of one fucking semester I can never attain higher education!!! Fuck you, you arrogant fucks!!!

I don't think I should be excluded because of a fucking number. How can one number haunt me so much??? Does my GPA have some real world significance that I have yet to be told about? Can I not get a job anywhere but McDonald's or scrubbing toilets without having a certain GPA? Because, I don't fucking think so!!! Just because I don't stack up to your standards of what you fucks think a "good" student should be, why the fuck should I get left behind?? I am good at what I fucking do. I am. Who the fuck cares if I can bubble in answers on a scan-tron sheet? Who the fuck cares if I can cram information into my brain for hours, just regergitate it on a piece of paper, and then to forget it as soon as I turn in the paper? Who the fuck cares who the father of Criminology is? Does that have anything to do with processing a fucking crime scene or arresting a murderer? No, I don't fucking think so. So, just because I don't do good on your fucking standardized tests, means that I am fucking "average". Well, FUCK YOU! You show me to a crime scene and I can pick out the evidence that I bet you would never have fucking seen!! There have been homework assignments that I have asked questions about, that the teacher has told me they didn't fucking know the answers!! So, what does that say about your fucking standards!!!

Ok, fine. Have it your way, fuckers. I don't want to spend anymore time than I have to with you douche bags anyway. So, after April 27, 2006 I will bid you all farewell forever. You won't be able to fuck me over anymore. I'll get on with my life, and the magic GPA number that you're so fucking attached to can sit in a filing cabinet and gather dust for eternity. So long, fuckers!!!

Britney Marie

No, Not Me! I Can't Believe It Happened To Me...ME!!!

I can't believe I did this yesterday. Without even realizing it, I went to my courts class wearing socks with flip-flops! Ick, yeah I know. On the other hand, they were toe socks, so that makes it better...at least a little bit....right? *shudders*
Britney Marie

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart

I cannot believe it. I have been working on ONE piece of homework for FIVE HOURS!!! It's a piece that I was supposed to do for Forensics last semester (I'm getting a chance to change my grade in the class.). So, I'm trying my best to get the three homework assignments done and the two reflection questions. I've already done Reflection Question 4 & Homework 08...Now I just have Reflection Question 5 and Homework 09 & 10. Ok, gotta get back to work...I just want to get this done and over with.
Britney Marie

Thursday, September 14, 2006

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

I can't sleep so I'm up watching "Jaws" and trying to figure out what to watch next. Ricky and I have been watching a lot of movies lately. We watched "V For Vendetta" last night, "Final Destination 3", "Silent Hill" and "United 93". I really liked "United 93" but that movie (to me at least) is more depressing than "Schindler's List"! And that's hard to beat! I think it's because I remember 9/11, and was not even thought about during the Holocaust.
Everyone should go out and rent it. (United 93)

Britney Marie