Saturday, February 25, 2006

Robson Went Out And Got Himself A Pair Of Ghetto Gums

I had so much fun on the dive yesterday. The drysuit I had didn't exactly keep me dry. It's a good thing I had my wetsuit on underneath it. I was on the recovery team. Jerome and I went down and recovered the body and the handgun and rifle. For some reason, the body bag we were given didn't have a zipper on it. It was kind of difficult to get the body to stay in it, but Jerome rigged it with a weight belt. My drysuit was too big, and there was so much water in the boots that my feet wouldn't stay in them. My fins were still attached to the boots, but I couldn't kick because I couldn't get my feet to stay! I tried to kick like crazy, but I was barely moving. It was pretty funny.
Ok, well, I'm going to eat my mashed potatoes now.
Britney Marie

Thursday, February 16, 2006

For Someone Who Has Felt So Strong, It's Amazing...I'm Completely Gone

Today has not gone well. And that's all I have to say about that.

Britney Marie

I Know This Hurts, It Was Meant To

Today I've got class (UCSI) and work (Dillard's). I don't wanna go to either *cries and pitches a five year old fit* In UCSI today we get to learn dry suits and I think full face masks. I know it'll be fun, but I just don't feel like going swimming today. I've got more training to do at Dillard's tonight. I think tonight they're going to teach me how to work the hard could it be? I am so sick of watching those stupid training videos too. Tuesday I had to sit through literally THREE hours of them. One of them was 45 minutes long!!!
I'm hungry and we don't have any food. I was going to go shopping yesterday, but I didn't have a chance to with all my classes and such.
Alright, well, I guess it's time for me to stop complaining and get a shower.
Britney Marie

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Go Cheetah, Get Banana, Hey Monkey, Get Funky!

There is hardly ever anything on television anymore. They're doing some sort of construction work on the ballpark across the street from my house. They've been at it for weeks now. You'd think they'd be done by now. Also, you'd think they'd be courteous enough to do the really loud work later in the day, not at 7-8am. I can never sleep past 8am anymore because of how loud they are!!!

I have been stuck on drinking Propel Kiwi-Strawberry fitness water. It's like liquid crack to me! No joke!

Ok, well, I'm going to go check on my cinnimon rolls and see if I can pick out a movie to watch before I have to leave in 45 minutes. *sigh*

Britney Marie

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Hand Behind This Pen Relives A Failure Everyday

Where do I begin? A lot has been going on since high school. Married, moving, and almost a GCCC graduate. I never would have thought I would be where I am. I am the happiest I've been in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I still have my "Oh woe is me" days, but as a whole, I'm still always happy.

*Yawn* I am sleepy. I got up this morning at 3:30am when Ricky left to go to work. I've been up watching "The Blues Brothers" and the local news since then. I've also been looking up old aquaintances from high school and GCCC on here.

My house is freezing. I could turn the heater on 90 degrees, and my house would still be freezing. *sniffle* Ugh, I think I'm starting to get sick too.

Alrighty, I'm going to finish watching my local news and do some other stuff...I haven't decided what that stuff will be yet.