Sunday, February 11, 2007

People Are Bastard Coated Bastards With Bastard Filling

As I'm waiting at the light at Wal-Mart on Appalachee Pkwy to turn left to go home, there is a car in front of me. As we turn he starts to get into the outside lane and I stay in the inside lane. The guy realizes the lane closes in like 100ft, so he cuts back into my lane. He had plenty of room to do this. He turns around and gives me the finger!! I didn't do anything, but let him back in front of me. Bastard.

Then I'm driving down the Pkwy and this lady in front of me refuses to drive faster than 35mph. I kid you not. It's like her car topped out at 35! She would gun it when the light turned green, but once her car reached 35, she would coast! Ugh! Bastard.

Then, as I'm pulling into the parking lot in front of our apartment, I'm right by the pool. (If you've ever been to our apartment, you know there is a blind curve by the pool and if you're coming from my direction, you need to inch up to make sure you don't run into someone.) So, I'm inching up, and there is a car. So I stop to let him by. And I guess there was something shiny in the parking lot that was just keeping his interest, and he almost runs into my front end! He finally looks at me at the last second and swerves. We weren't going fast at all, and like I said, I was stopped. But still. Bastard.

Britney Marie

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