Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Let's Hope He Keeps Rolling Sevens"

Tonight Ricky and I start lamaze classes. Should be interesting.We had our "ABC's of Babies" class last night. We got there almost an hour late. We were told it was in the waiting room at the hospital at 6:30pm, so we got there at 6:15pm. The doors were locked. We went around asking random nurses if there was another way in the building. No one knew what we were talking about. So, we waited until 6:30 to see if someone would come open the one.

Then we went inside the hospital and asked a lady at the information desk. She said to try the door again and if it was still locked, come back and she'd call around for us. We get back to the door, and it's open. We go in and the lady is just getting set up. She says the class doesn't start until 7pm. Ricky and I start to help her set up because we're the only people there.She starts passing out a packet with a Lamaze magazine in it. I asked her, "Is this ABC's of Babies"? She says no, it's lamaze. We were in the wrong class!

We left that building and drove around to the Women's Pavillion to see if the class was there. We get up to the labor and delivery area to speak to one of the nurses and find out that the classes are actually in a completely different building down the road from the hospital! We didn't even know this building existed! So, we drive around trying to find this phantom building and we finally did. We walk in and caught the end of the baby video. We're going to watch what we didn't see of the video tonight before lamaze.

What we got to enjoy of the class was pretty good. We were the only couple in there that was having twins, so we got to work with two babies. I think Ricky needs a bit more practice on diapering babies, but he did good for his first try! It's very hard to diaper a hard plastic baby doll! The fabric body babies are much easier.

We'll see how class goes tonight.

Britney Marie

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