Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And How Was Your Day???

Tentative agenda for 23 Apr 07:
*Get up----8am
*Leave for Panama City----9am
*Dentist appointment----1pm
*Visit parents----3pm
*Return to Tallahassee----4pm

Actual agend for 23 Apr 07:
*Get up----9am
*Leave for Panama City----9:15am
*Get extremely bad back pain----9:30am
*Cancel dentist appointment----12:45am
*Return to Tallahassee----3pm
*Go to hospital----3pm
*Return home from hospital----6:30pm
*Go to bed----7:10pm

As you can see, what I had scheduled for yesterday did not actually happen. From what I gather that I pestered out of the ultrasound nurse (who aparently is not *actually* allowed to make a diagnosis, but she's the only one who was there looking at the ultrasounds) is that my kidney and the pipes attaching them to my bladder are dialated. This means the urine is getting backed up. Which is painful. Thus, the back/kidney pain. Also, the position that the twins are in, makes every one of their kicks a kidney shot. Ricky and I were at the hospital for almost four hours and no one told us what to do for the pain. So, I called my step-mom (the nurse) and told her what I pestered out of the ultrasound nurse. She told me just to pop Tylenol. This could go away in a few hours or it could last a few days. Fortunately, the Tylenol seems to be working, but as soon as that stuff wears off, I'm writhing around in pain again.

So that was my day yesterday. Gunna go get some water, put on a movie, and park it on the couch now. Ugh, I feel like poo.

Britney Marie

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