Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Octagon Baby Death Match

Recently, we purchased one of those giant play-yards for the twins. It barely fits into our living room right now, but it was completely worth the $120 we paid for it. It lets the twins have their tummy-time on the floor so they can start crawling better, it keeps them away from all the stuff we haven't baby-proofed yet, and it gives me a little peace of mind knowing that inside they cannot (theoretically) get hurt.

y little bubble was burst the other day when I realized that the play-yard I purchased served no other purpose than to give my kids a death-match ring. Ricky calls it "The Octagon" and his tag line for it is, "Two babies go in, only one baby comes out." Which, lately has been true. For the past couple of days, every time we put them in "The Octagon", they start fighting over toys and kicking each other in the face. Emma has learned to crawl very well and when she sees Olivia playing with something, she army-crawls right over to take it from her...even if she's currently playing with the exact same toy! Liv has yet to be able to crawl forward for anything yet, so she just rolls and rolls until she gets to where she wants to be. This sometimes puts her right in Emma's path, so she gets crawled over...and kicked. Then the crying starts.

Well, on Friday I put them in "The Octagon" in the dining room so I could clean up the living room for a video game night we were having. All of a sudden Emma starts screaming like crazy. Ricky and I checked it out, but there seemed to be nothing wrong with her. So, we chalked it up to her wanting a snack or needing her diaper changed. So we changed them and fed them both and put them back in "The Octagon". Later that night, when I was putting Emma in her pajamas I looked at her arm and noticed this:

(It's really blurry, but you can kinda make it out. It looks so much worse in person, but Emma wouldn't sit still for me to get a decent photo.)
I can think of someone who has a bite pattern just like that:

Yep, Olivia had BIT her sister! I had always imagined it would be Emma biting first, but it looks like Liv got to it first. We haven't had a problem with Emma stealing toys or crawling over Liv since then, so I guess she got her point across.

Britney Marie

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Sheena said...

Oh yes...the Octogon...we have one and it is a complete life saver. We just call ours the "baby cage"! ::HAHA:: I always say the line from Mrs. Doubtfire "Get In Your Cage!"

And I can not believe that bite mark. Holy Cow! I'm glad they haven't started all that. Though they do like to try and nibble/lick my arm when I hold them. Such silly girls.