Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Down With The Sickness

Ugh. *cough* I swear, ever since Ricky came home with sickness given to him by a coworker's kids our house has been a revolving door of sickness. Now all four of us have coughs, runny noses, and scratchy throats. I seem to actually have it the worst of everyone which is unusual. What really sucks is that it is Spring Break. So the kids are home. I guess it's kinda good because they don't have to miss school because of being sick, but it sucks for me because all I want to do is go back to sleep and all I keep hearing is, "Mommy! Juice!"

I haven't been to the gym in like 3 weeks. Fortunately this sickness has kinda stifled my appetite so I've lost another 2lbs. I'm at 188.5 based on our home scale with clothes on. I was that before, but I stopped paying attention to what I was eating and got back to 190lbs (with clothes off) at home and 192 at the gym. Last few days all I've eaten for breakfast and lunch has been turkey bacon. It's been extremely yummy.

I've also been watching a lot of "That 70's Show". It is hilarious. Okay, gotta go lay down on the couch now, beginning to feel delirious.

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