Monday, November 13, 2006

Haven't You Heard That I'm The New Cancer?

I had SOOO much fun at the P!ATD concert! It was the greatest thing EVER! I had my face melted off by a guitar solo, and people were "throwing the horns!" Yeah yeah, I know, it's not exactly the place to do that, but I thought it was funny that they did it!

Paintball was awesome too! I got the one shot in that I cared about. I shot Matt in the forehead! It's the only shot I got in, but I don't care. I got two big welts on my back, but I didn't bleed this time. We're going to go out again for Ricky's birthday in March.

After paintball we all went to Mulligans to eat dinner and cake. Ricky, Michael, & I stopped by Target to get some party hats, and the waitress even wore one!

Sunday afternoon, Mom, Jim, Ricky & I went to Olive Garden. I went to the bathroom, and when I came back they came out and sang Happy Birthday to me and I got a cake. (Thanks again, Christina! *smiles*)

Well, I just got finished watching my birthday movies...I got Aladdin & the King of Thieves & Return of Jafar and Cars. Gotta wait til Ricky gets home to finish watching Cars though. Ok, time for me to clean my house. We haven't unpacked yet from the trip.

Oh, and we have a new kitty now. Her name is Abby. She hates all the other kitties, and hisses and gets all puffed up when one comes near her, but I think she'll get used to it. She's been hunkered down under our bed all day! LoL! Ok, really going to go clean the house now. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

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