Friday, December 1, 2006

How'd You Like A Stale Banana Right In The Mouth?!?

It is currently 4:14am and I am watching one of my favorite movies eating the scrambled eggs with cheese I just finished cooking. I've been up all night because I couldn't sleep and I have class in 3 hours and 45 minutes. I think I've looked at the internet more tonight than I have in the past few days!

It could be the sleep deprovation talking, but I make some damn good scrambled eggs with cheese! Admittedly, I should have used my time wiser and perhaps studied, but, eh, what fun is that.

I'm seriously contemplating whether or not I want to get up off my ass and make some more scrambled eggs...but I think I'm just too lazy. I need to train my kitties to make me food. That would be the life...

Mmmm, hot chocolate sounds good too. Ok, time to stop being lazy. Gunna go cook then hang out watching a movie by myself.

Britney Marie

Yeah right, everybody and their brother knows I'm not going anywhere.Where are those kitties...?

Oh, and BTW, our one year wedding anniversary is on Sunday!!! I'm so excited!!!

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