Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fourth of July

Emma Leigh Gravatt was born at 6:13pm on July 4th. She weighed 4lbs 14oz. Olivia Jayne Gravatt was born at 6:14pm on July 4th. She weighed 3lbs 12oz.

There has been quite a lot of things going on. In fact, I literally almost died. And I don't mean that in the "OMG I almost DIED!" kind of way, I mean it in the funeral plans kind of way. Let me ' there is too much, let me sum up...

I had to have a c-section. While in there they also tied my tubes. After they were finished with all that and they started to close me up, my uterus wouldn't stop bleeding. They tried every medication they could to stop it, and nothing worked. They eventually put me to sleep through the IV medication, then called Shans hospital to find out what they should do. They also prepped an ICU room for me because they didn't know what the outcome would be. Shans hosptial told them they were doing everything that they would do and they might have to perform a hysterectomy on me. Luckily they found a way to stop it. They vacuumed out the blood and tied a stitch around my uterus to contract it like it was supposed to be doing on its own.

My doctor said that of the 4000 babies he has delivered, he has never encountered this problem before. He literally saved my life.

After that problem, the problem of me losing too much blood came up. So, I had to get a transfusion of three units of blood. By this point I now had an IV in my right arm and another one in my left hand.

Over the course of the next few days I have had my blood drawn too many times to count. The nurses have literally run out of veins to tap. I have bruises all up and down both arms.

I was finally told yesterday that I would be able to be moved from the second floor (labor and delivery) to the third floor (discharge). Before they could move me they decided to check my vitals one more time. This time my blood pressure had skyrocketed and so had my heart rate. I was no longer allowed to leave. I had to get another IV of medications and stay.

I was finally moved to the third floor this afternoon. There is a lot more to report in this event, but I don't have the time to write about it all now. You've been given the basics.

I am alive...but I almost wasn't. We have two beautiful baby girls who I'll post pictures about as soon as I can.

Britney Marie

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