Monday, March 17, 2008

The Last Nail In My Coffin

Today I signed up for the last four classes I (presumably) will ever take in college. I say presumably, because technically I was supposed to graduate last year. Last Spring I took the last six classes that I needed, took my graduation photos, applied for graduation...and then got pregnant. So, those last six classes I intended to attend turned into mornings, afternoons and evenings of throwing up and trying to find a temperature between hot and cold that I liked. My teachers tried to work with me as best they could but none of them could give me what I needed. And I needed to be able to do the work online, not in a classroom. So, I managed to pass two of my classes, one being an online class and the other being a class with a very senile teacher that gave me a B on a paper I never wrote.

After I had the twins I decided that I wanted to get my degree because I was so close. I've still not decided whether or not I want to pursue my intended career...but that's a blog for another day. So, I had a meeting with my adviser, found out I needed four classes and signed up for them today. I will be attending FSU from May 12t through August 8th and then I will be an official FSU graduate.

This time I can guarantee that pregnancy will not stop me. :)

Britney Marie

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gen said...

Hey you. I'm taking three classes (which is considered the full load at the tech school i'm going too)....math, psych & intro to computers! so fun. how have you been? I've been kind of out of it lately, you're babies are getting so big! time flies...anywho. talk to you later!