Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anniversary Present

December 3rd was mine and Ricky's 3rd anniversary. Last year he made me a custom Jerry Orbach action figure, so this year I figured that I would create him something home-made as well. I've found a really cool geekery blog at and have been thiefing patterns from them for a while. Here's what I made him:

It was supposed to be stitched on black material, but Hobby Lobby didn't have any when I went to pick it I had to stitch the entire black area. I think it would have turned out better if I had the black fabric, but I'm still happy with it. It's got personality, as I like to say. :)

I'm in the process of making another cross-stitch, and will post pictures when I get it all finished. Hopefully that will be later in the day.

Oh, and Emma is officially a walker now. She walks everywhere!! She still falls every once in a while, but she's up and moving far longer than she's on the ground. Olivia is walking really good holding onto two hands, and sometimes one hand, but she hasn't tried to walk by herself more than one step. I'm sure once she sees Emma cruising along that it won't be long after. On the bright side, right now it's only one kid I have to run around after, not two like it will be soon. Thank Heaven for small miracles! LoL!


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Sheena said...

Very cool! I bet it was annoying not having the black fabric but I think it looks really nice.

And YEAH for Emma!!!