Saturday, October 1, 2011

Funny Things My Kids Have Said *September Edition*

Olivia: "Daddy wants 'fah-zon-yah' for dinner."
Emma: "Yeah, daddy wants 'buzz-on-yah'"
Me: "Well, alrighty then."

*stall tactic #124 tonight*
Emma: "Mommy, I need to go potty."
Me: "Okay, go."
Emma: "Mommy, I poop in the potty!"
Me: "Good job!
Emma: "Come see!"
Ricky: *laughter*

*As I was getting their cough medicine this morning*
Emma: "Two girlies, one medicine."

Emma: "Mommy, I need to go to the hospital."
Me: "Why's that?"
Emma: "I need to buy some vanilla ice cream."

*Kiddos came home with a free kids meal from Loco's certificate*
Me: "Look girlies, you get a free kids meal."
Olivia: "Wow! I get to eat dinner!"
Me: *facepalm*

*Emma's block tower fell over and broke*
Emma: "They exploded!"

*Emma accidentally hits Olivia in the mouth while playing*
Olivia: "Mommy! My body!"

Me: "Look girlies. Look what I bought today."
Emma: "Thor!"
Me: "Yeah, that's right."
Emma & Olivia: "Put it on!"
Me: "You wanna watch it now?"
Emma and Olivia: "Yeah!!!"

Emma: "Daddy lives at Mommy's house."

*I bring Olivia a bowl with animal crackers*
*She looks at them and puts her fist in the air*
Olivia: SCORE!!!

Emma: "I want Makatos."
Me: "You want to eat at Makatos?"
Emma: "No, I want to eat makatos" *points to tv singing about avocados*
Me: "Ohhhh"

*The kids are reaching a new low to stay out of bed*
Olivia: "I need a drink of water"
Me: "Get in bed."
Emma: "You tuck me in?"
Me: "Get in bed."
Olivia: "Kiss and hug."
Me: "Get in bed,"
Emma: "Daddy, I need metal!"
Ricky: "I got this one. "

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