Thursday, September 1, 2011

Funny Things My Kids Have Said *August Edition*

*I sit down on the couch to watch some tv after the kids are in bed*
*knocking on bedroom door*
Olivia: "Mommy!! I can't find my boobies! Where are my boobies??!"
Me: "They're right there." *point to her shirt*
Olivia: "Oh. Okay." *gets back in bed*

Me: "What are you doing?"
Olivia: "I'm Daddy! *in deeper voice* It's bedtime. Get ready for stories!"

*At Speech today a larger man came in with his daughter. Not unusual, since we've seen them all summer*
Emma: "You're a big guy! You're too big for that chair!"

*Ricky picks up Emma after walking in the door from work*
Emma: "You just hugged my poop, Daddy."

Emma: "Daddy, I'm gonna come sit with you. I need a doughnut."
Ricky: "Are you going to go to the store to get your doughnut?"
Emma: "Yes."

Me: "What movie did you girls just put on?"
Emma: "Iron Maiden"

Olivia: "Daddy! Where's my boobies??"

*Emma comes in wearing cupcake pajamas that she wasn't wearing last night*
Emma: "I'm a cupcake!"

*At 7:50am this is what I hear*
Emma: "Mommy! Wake up! The sun is up!"
*And then I hear "Pebble and the Penguin" on in the living room.*

*Last night after dinner*
Emma: "Mommy, I want a brownie."
Me: "Did you eat all your dinner?"
Emma: "No...yes" *shifts gaze to floor*
Me: "Did you eat all your dinner?"
Emma: "Yes."
Me: "Are you lying to me."
Emma: "Yes."

*During prayers on the phone with Mom*
Mom: "God bless Mommy and Daddy"
Em and Liv: "God bless Mommy and Daddy."
Mom: "God bless Emma and Olivia"
Emma: "God bless Olivia and Batman."
Mom: "God bless everyone"
Olivia: "God bless everyone, and Superman."

*Watching a preview for "The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2"
Emma: "Is that the "Fox and the Lamb?"
Me: "No, that is not "Fox and the Hound."

Emma: "I hear funder Mommy."

*Watching "Oliver and Company", the poodle Georgette introduction song*
Olivia: "Is that you Mommy??"

Me: "Emma, do you need to being everything you own with you?"
Emma: "Yes."

Me: "If I hear Daddy's drawer open again, you're both getting kicked out of our room."
Emma: "No, Mommy! Don't kick me!"

*imitating Bugs Bunny*
Olivia: "Mehhhhh, what's up Jack?"

Em always finds excuses to come out of her room. Tonight, I have to admit, was the best.
Em: "Mommy, I want Olivia to lay down with me."
Me: "But she is sleeping. Let her sleep."
Emma: "But I want my sister."
I go into their room and Liv is awake this time and Em asks if she can lay down with Liv. Liv says No. So she asks again, this time it's a yes. Em crawls in bed with her, gets comfy, gets in Liv's face and say, "I love you sister!" And they hugged.

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