Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Management Binder

Another thing that I have been stealing from the organizing blogs I have been reading is a "Home Management Binder".

While cleaning out my craft room the first day, I came across almost all the tools needed to make my own HMB. Every person's HMB will have the same basic elements but will be tailored to the specific home needs. Here's the links that I used when researching the binders:

Clean & Scentsible: Organize Everything-Family Binder

I Heart Organizing: March Challenge: Project "Household Binder"

Love to Save: THO: Home Management Binder

Flashy Sparkles: Home Operations Manual- Complete

Organized Home: Suggested Dividers for a Household Notebook

I used those as inspiration for what I wanted inside my binder. Then I went here to get the printables to fill out in my book.

Life...Your Way Printables

Before printing I filled out the information that I knew. Then I put them in the notebook. Any time I need to change information, I write it on the pages. I'm planning on re-typing and printing once every 6 months or so to update all the information. I still need to print the address forms but the rest of the books printables are complete to me.

Two days later and it has been a giant help.

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SamanthaReina said...

I definitely love the jewelry organizer you sent me! I actually am trying to find a way to join my make-up organizer with the jewelry one! I can't wait to finish my project so I can go back and go through your other links! Thanks for posting them!!!