Sunday, August 14, 2011

Clean, Clean, Clean!

It is amazing what reading things on the internet can do for motivation. I never realized how reading certain blogs would motivate me to get things done around the house. I always figured that wasting time on the internet was just that, wasting time. But lately I've been checking out organizing blogs. Seeing how all these people are cleaning up their spaces has got me wanting to do the same thing. So I did.

First, two days ago, I started with my night stand. After finding some books stuffed in there, that turned into me going through my bookshelf in our room. On the shelf I found some of Ricky's things so I had to go through his night stand. I left the top drawer of his alone since that's the one he uses the most for all his random stuff. I'll get him to go through that another day.

After cleaning those three areas, I went to put things in my closet and I realized that there was a lot of space in there that I was covering up, mostly by my wedding dress. I still need to get in there and replace she shelf that literally fell out of the wall last year, but I still managed to make a lot more space even with it gone. The dress got moved to the top shelf and things just got moved around from there. Between our two closets I made plenty of room for more clothes that I expect to buy since I'm losing weight again. (I told myself I was only going to weigh myself once a month, but I gave in and did it the other day 187lbs. That's a 13lb loss so far!)

The closets put me on a roll. Next came our bathroom cabinets. I had a ton of lotion that had been given to me as gifts. There was some in there from 2003! I will say that no matter what the fragrance says on the bottle, after a certain period of time all lotion will start to smell exactly the same, gross. I was only able to salvage about 6 bottles. 2 of which I kept and I plan on giving away the other bottles to anyone that wants them.

Later that night I got started on my craft room, aka Giant Clutter Room. I got 4 plastic bags of stuff out and vowed to continue on it again. Which I did today. I got a construction grade garbage bag of things taken out today. I re-organized all my fabric too. That took forever. I do need to get more baggies though. I love putting things in baggies so it helps to have a full stock of them. I managed to put everything that's left to go through in the center of the room, so the next time I get in there I should be able to get it all finished.

-Britney Marie


SamanthaReina said...
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SamanthaReina said...

I am kind of putting off getting too involved in my organizing as I am about to move (September 1st, FYI). But I definitely need to get rid of stuff!!!! That is the hardest part for me. I actually have a dress that I need to fix, and never did because it got pushed to the back of the closet.... Now I'm in a made dash to fix it so I can wear it before Summer is over! I do NOT want to get rid of it and I'm trying to stick to the advice you gave me: If I haven't worn it for a year, GET RID OF IT!


(bunch of misspellings first time I posted, lol)