Thursday, December 1, 2011

Other Funny Things *November Edition*

Things that have never happened to me at Wal-Mart before:
1. Cashier looks at my cart and says, "Oh wow!"
2. Someone moo's at me from a vehicle as I'm walking to my car.

Ricky changed our home answering machine message to Skeletor voice. Today, he came home and there was a message. It was a telemarketer. All she said was, "Wow....*tries to compose herself for a few moments* This is.....*and went on with her speech* It was pretty hilarious.

Ricky decided to try some dog treats at his parents house. And now he's in bed with a stomachache.

*talking with Mom and Cathy*
Me: "I saw some of my old toys labeled vintage the other day."
Mom: "Well, if you're vintage, what are Jim and I?"
Me: "You're thrift and Jim is antique."

*Ricky opens his netbook*
Ricky: "There is a nerd (candy) stuck in my computer."
Me: "There's a nerd holding the computer too."

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