Friday, March 16, 2007

Emma & Olivia Update *Very Important*

Ricky and I got some unsettling news today on the phone. Edie, the nurse at my OB, called us today. She just recieved the ultrasound photos from radiology that we had taken at our last appointment. Edie told us that our babies are monochorionic diamniotic, which she says means that they are sharing a placenta and amniotic sac. (Though I was under the impression that di- meant two, so there is a bit of confusion there) Anyways, this means that our babies are most likely identical. We were also told that Baby A is taking the nutrients away from Baby B, which is why Baby B is smaller than Baby A. Right now there isn't much of a difference in their size (Baby A is 7ounces and Baby B is 6ounces) but this could get worse over time. I have been referred to a maternal specialist and have our first apointment this Thursday. I've also been termed "high risk of the high risk" so I can't do much at the moment. Edie also said that it is most likely that we'll have to deliver early and it will most likely be a c-section. I could deliver as early as 24 weeks, which is a month and a half away (I'm at 18 weeks now). I am terrified. I have this overwhelming feeling that I'm killing my babies!!! But I'm doing all that I can.

Unfortunately I've had to cancel my FOB concert with Deidre. I feel terrible. I was looking forward to that SO much!!

I hate this.


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