Sunday, March 4, 2007

You Must Smell Like Feet Wrapped In Leathery Burnt Bacon!

Well, it's offical. The babies like to kick me. I've been feeling it like crazy since yesterday. Ricky can't feel it yet, but hopefully he'll be able to soon. Also, we have an appointment set for Wednesday to find out what we're having. Apparently we have to go to Radiology to get them to tell us because our doctor can't tell us by his sonogram. I was really looking forward to finding out last Thursday.

They did do a really quick sonogram and we got to see the babies. Our doctor says that they look great. We couldn't ask for better babies! We got to see spines, rib cages and their faces. Well, at least Ricky did...from the angle I was sitting I couldn't really see. Ricky seemed really excited!

Oh, it was so funny last night. Ricky and I were sitting on the couch watching Law and Order: SVU and he leans over my belly and whispers, "Kick her." And not 5 seconds later I felt it! He did it twice. I don't think I like them listening to him.

Britney Marie

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