Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Thought The Weekend Was The Relaxing Part Of The Week...

Apparently I was misinformed.

Olivia is sick. She's been projectile vomiting her entire bottle contents all day. We've tried to give her Pedialyte, but she seems to throw that up as well. She's also got a bit of a temperature. Tomorrow at 8am, we have a doctors appointment for her.

Emma won't sleep. She had no problem napping today while my mom was here, but as soon as Grammie left (that's what we call my mom) she decided she was going to protest by refusing to sleep. We fed her at 9pm, it's now a little after 11pm and she is still awake. Anytime I try to get her to go to sleep, she cries. Luckily, Olivia isn't having a problem going to sleep.

They've been like this all weekend, except last night when Emma was also puking up her entire bottle. She threw up so bad in her crib, it hit the wall...twice! We went through four separate crib sheets yesterday!

I swear, I don't think I'll ever sleep again.

You know I love you all, but anyone who complains about having one child can kiss my ass. If we had had triplets, I think I might be dead.

Oh, and I'm also having trouble with my kidneys. I have been in so much pain the past two days. It's not quite to the point it was last time when I had to go to the hospital, but I can tell its only a matter of days before it gets to that point. I've tried to take motrin to see if that helps like it did last time, but so far nothing. I hope it gets better, I can't afford to be taken out of commission right now with a one child who's sick and one child who's an insomniac.

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