Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It’s Tearin’ Up My Heart

I've got a busy next couple of days ahead of me.

Tomorrow (well, I guess technically that would be today, but whatever...) I have a 9am WIC meeting, the first meeting that I have to take the girls to. It's also my very first outing with just me and the girls. We'll see how well that goes. Then at 3pm, we have a meeting with Tallahassee Pediatrics to get our medicaid paperwork in order for the girls. Gotta love free medical. I was not looking forward to having to pay the NICU bill for Olivia, 13 days stay would be an assload of money!

Friday Deidre is coming over for the weekend. It's the first time she's going to get to see the girls. So, far all we've got planned to do while she's here is stay in our pajamas and watch crappy "horror" movies 'til its time to go to bed. Olivia has a doctors appointment at 1:30pm also. Nothing's wrong, it's just her weekly checkup. She won't have to do that anymore once she reaches 6lbs, which I'm pretty sure she's done. Last Friday Emma weighed in at 6lbs 6oz and Olivia weighed in at 5lbs 12oz. They've been gaining at least an ounce a day, so I'm pretty confidant that she's made her goal.

Saturday we're going to have some of Ricky's friend over for video games again like we did last Saturday. I am so ready to pwn them in Mario Kart again, and maybe one or two people in Mortal Kombat. I'm getting pretty good with one particular character.

I actually don't think we have anything going on Sunday, so it will be nice to have a full day of laziness this weekend with nowhere we have to go.

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