Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better To Wait

Sunday night I was all prepared to write a blog post about how much I suck and how I'll be stuck at this 5lb mark forever. But I decided to wait and see exactly how bad I'd been in the last week. So, Monday, at the gym I stop by the dreaded scale. I was fully ready to accept responsibility for what I had eaten in the last week and how little I did around the house to add to my exercising.

I stepped on it, closed my eyes, and saw the number 193. I had actually lost two more pounds! A total of 7lbs might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but this has been the first time that I have been able to take more than 5lbs off with just eating right and exercising a couple times a week.

This makes me feel like I can reach 10lbs very soon. Which will put me at 190lbs which I haven't seen in a couple months. Sammi and I have been actively working out and eating right since the first of January, and to see 7lbs gone this month is just wonderful! I would've liked to have seen 10, but I can't complain about 7.

So, if I continue this trend of 7lbs a month, and I need to lose a total of 70lbs then by October I will be my goal weight of 130lbs. Throughout the summer months, I will be at my halfway point of 158lbs which is only 9lbs heaver than I was when I got pregnant with the twins...and I was happy with that weight at the time. I think that weight will deserve a new bathing suit. :-D

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