Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down 2 Pounds, Up 1 Sickness

From Friday (01-21) to Monday (01-24) I lost those two pounds that I had gained in the week before. Not really sure how I did it considering while in Tallahassee on Saturday I ate at Chick-Fil-A and Stake 'n' Shake. However it happened I'm just glad it did.

I'm also not sure how or where I picked up this sickness but I did. My eyes are burning (not all the time, usually when I wake up) my nose is running and draining into the back of my throat which gives me a sore throat and I can't stop coughing. Throughout the day I get headaches and earaches if I sniffle too much. Ugh. This sucks. I've got so much house cleaning to do that I am so far behind on. After dropping the kiddos off in the mornings I've been coming home and just sleeping until 1:30pm.

Speaking of, it's about that time today, gotta go pick up the kiddos.

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