Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Other Funny Things *April 2012 Edition*

Ricky: "Why do I have to be the oldest one in the group?"
Me: "I dunno. But you act the youngest?"
Ricky: "You mean 'cause I'm spry and energetic, right?"
Me: "Yeah, sure."

*A character on 'The Walking Dead' cuts himself on a car*
Me: "Well, if the zombies don't get him, he certainly has tetanus now."

Alicia: "You can push her but don't hold the boobies!"

*During an "argument" with Ricky about bedtime routines*
Me: "You're just mad 'cause I didn't get mad about it."
Ricky: "No...Shut up."
Me: *laughing*
Ricky: "You know that was a wasted opportunity to say, 'You mad bro?'"
Me: "No, I don't need to say it."
Ricky: "Shut up..."
Me: "What? You mad bro?"

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