Tuesday, April 11, 2006

P-ffeiffer, How Would You Like A Punch In Your P-Face?

Here it is 12:46am and I'm so tired my eyes are burning. Still can't let myself go to sleep. I have a final exam tomorrow at 11:15am, and I have a quiz on homicide investigation at 2:00pm. I need to get to bed because I have to be at FSU by 9:00am because I need to retake my Nitrox tests. I did get some good news in Research Methods on Monday. I got a 20/20 on my quiz.

Ricky and I leave in 22 days for Tallahassee. I'm getting excited. We are having some difficulties packing. We have so much stuff it's not even funny! The back room is literally almost full of boxes, and we've barely begun to pack. We want to pack more, but there's so much we can't...we still need things. I packed up all but 4 of our plates, and did things like that to get things done, but it doesn't seem to make a difference! There's still so much stuff!

I think I'm going to head off to bed. I haven't finished my work, but I'll get up at like 7 to finish up. I'm almost finished. Plus, I'm not feeling all that great. This is day two of feeling kinda sick. Blah! Sleepy time! G'night all!

Britney Marie

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