Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Hate Sleep. It Ruins My Whole Day

Something told me that I should just stay up for the three hours. Something told me that going to sleep would be a bad idea. Something was right.

I finally poured myself into bed around 4am. That meant I had three hours until I was supposed to get up and get ready to take the girls to the doctor. At 7am, when my alarm was supposed to go off, there was silence. I'm not exactly sure what caused me to wake up...but I did at 8:30am. That's right! I've got thirty minutes to get up, get dressed, shower, get the girls up, feed them get them dressed, pack the diaper bag and drive to the doctors.

As I sleepily glance at the clock and notice what time it is I shoot out of bed and run around the house in a panic. No time for a shower. No time to get dressed. I did manage to change out of my pj pants and into jeans. Yep, still wearing the same shirt from yesterday...and covering my gross hair in a baseball cap.

I go into the twins room and get them up and changed. I thought about putting them in onesies and jeans, but looked at the clock again and decided not to. They both went in their pajamas. I got them both into the car seats only to realize that when one of our cats got locked in their room last night, they peed in Sub-Chunk's car seat. The same one I just strapped her into.

I managed to carry them both into the living room and then began the frantic search for my sneakers. Behind the couch of all places. Then I realize that they hadn't eaten anything and would soon be screaming for food. So I run into the kitchen and quickly make two bottles to take with us. This whole time, the twins are completely silent except for a few cooing giggles.

The whole time all of this is going on I am reminded of a line from Mel Brook's movie "Young Frankenstein." It goes, "Could be worse." "How" "Could be raining." Somehow that line always make me feel a little better. Except today. I open the sliding door blinds to reveal...rain. Now it's worse, 'cause it's raining.

I get both twins in the car with minimal rain hitting them and myself. I look at the clock again. Ten minutes til 9. And I'm only five minutes away from the doctor. I rule.

At my doctor's office they have a big window right next to the front door so you can see everyone who is coming in. There are three families sitting inside, all looking out the window. (This is important....They're all looking out the window.) I come up to the door with one kid in each hand, a diaper bag thrown over my shoulder and am even more wet now. Does anyone open the door for me? Hells no. They sit there and look at me all dry from the inside. So, I set down Super-Chunk, open the door, prop it open with my foot, pick up Super-Chunk, wedge myself into the doorway, kick it open a little more behind me and pretty much fall into the room. Everyone is looking at me...still. I hear a few people whisper, "Aww, look she's got twins." Like they didn't see me outside. People suck.

When I finally get them all signed in and in the waiting room, a nurse comes up and tells me I have paperwork to fill out because they're updating their system. Nevermind the fact that none of my information has changed. So, instead of getting to feed Sub-Chunk or Super-Chunk, I've got to fill out pointless paperwork. After I get all that filled out, I can finally feed someone. I pick up the Sub-Chunk and manage to get the whole bottle in her before they call us back.

I had called a few days ago to see if they could reschedule us for an afternoon appointment so Ricky could be there to help me with them. They told me the earliest they would be able to get us in if we rescheduled was March, so that wasn't an option. They did tell me, however, that a nurse would be available to help me since Ricky couldn't. I thought that was a great idea. And it theory. See, for something like this to work, a nurse would actually have to help me out instead of, y'know, doing nothing.

I get back to the little room and get Sub-Chunk undressed so she can be weighed. The nurse takes her so I can undress Super-Chunk. After they are weighed (Super-Chunk is 16lbs and Sub-Chunk is 15lbs) the nurse brings them in and leaves. After an hour, yes that's right, a freaking HOUR, the twins start to get restless. They're undressed, cold, uncomfortable, somewhere unfamiliar, and I am unable to hold them both to comfort them. I am alway so afraid I'm going to drop them when I hold them both on something other than carpet. By this point they're both crying because I can only hold one at a time. When the doctor finally comes in, I'm pissed. There was only one person ahead of me on the well-check side of the office. An hour is unacceptable. So, when the doctor is all, "So how are we doing today?" I snap at her. "I have been here an hour, I was told I would have some help and both my kids are uncomfortable!" I felt kinda bad after that so I tried to be as nice as possible with the rest of the question/answer session.

When the doctor left, I was told that a nurse was getting their shots ready. Yes, that's multiple shots. Each twin had four shots plus some liquid. They did pretty good with the shots. Yeah, they both screamed bloody murder, but it took a few seconds for them to realize what was happening and by that time they were already on the third shot.

After their shots, the nurse just leaves. No offering to help get one of the screaming twins dressed. Nothing. So, I've got two screaming, thrashing, crying kids on this high table and I'm supposed to get them both in their clothes. Yeah. Right. I manage to get Super-Chunk in hers and then I've got the problem of getting one screaming thrashing infant into a car seat while the other infant is screaming and thrashing on this high table.

The good news to this is that once I got them in their car seats they got all happy again. And they were silent except for happy coos until we got home. They whined a little as I was getting them out of their seats, but once they got into their swings, they were passed out within literally 30seconds. We've been home an hour and they're both still asleep.

Since they're sleeping, I'm going to take this opportunity to go take a much needed and deserved shower. Hope all your days go better than mine has so far.

Britney Marie


Jessi said...

Hey girl!! Sorry to hear about your day. That totally sucks. People are so rude. I don't know how you do it. Supermom!! I can barely handle one!

Childsplayx2 said...

Wow. This brings back memories! Don't people who won't help when you're struggling with two just suck?

As for feeding two at at time, buy these:

They may seem a little expensive but they might just have been the single best purchase we made when our twins were babies.

Good luck!

BritneyMarie said...

Yes, they do suck. :)

Thank you! I just emailed that link to my mom. I think she's going to get them for us.

I had never seen those before.