Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

I should be sleeping right now. I've got to take both twins to the doctors in seven hours...and that's seven hours until their actual appointment. That doesn't include time to feed them, dress them, dress myself and get out the door plus drive time. Ugh. Tomorrow is going to guess that would be is going to suck.

I'm just not tired yet. I normally don't head off to bed for another hour or so. Right now I'm just starting to feel the tiredness kick in, but it's not enough for me to actually fall asleep. Plus, anytime I start to think about all the housework that I didn't do makes me want to stay up even longer so I can get this place livable again.

Friday my mom is coming up to pick up the twins for the weekend. My step-dad is going to be out of town, so she wants some company. I told her good luck! Friday my best friend is also coming up to spend the weekend with us. I haven't seen her since Christmas. Saturday we're supposed to have Ricky's co-workers come by and play some video games. More specifically, Guitar Hero (I, II & III), Wii Bowling, and Mario Kart. We always have a good time when they come over.

I was hoping this weekend that we would be able to go see Juno...I've really wanted to see that since I saw the preview, but I think our weekend is pretty much filled up now. Perhaps another time.

Britney Marie

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