Friday, January 18, 2008

A Weekend Alone...Well, Sorta.

Today my mom is coming up to pick up Super-Chunk and Sub-Chunk. My step-dad is out of town for two weeks and mom says she wants the company. Ricky and I had a previous engagement of a video game night at our house so we were unable to head out of town this weekend. Best of luck to her by herself.

Saturday is supposed to be a video game night here, but I was told yesterday that no one is going to be able to show up. Kinda sucks, but that leaves more time for Ricky, Sidney and I to watch crappy horror movies. I've got a few lined up including a gem called "Murder Party." Should be fun.

Nothing else really going on over here, except for the fact that I should be cleaning. I should always be cleaning something. Eh. I'll get to it later.

Britney Marie

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