Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Lady And The "Dee Dee Dee"

The transition into hated lady who lives in the apartment complex is well underway. Last night about 11pm I hear girlish giggling and screaming from the pool which is right next to the twins bedroom window. I look outside and see eight or ten people out there. This isn't the first time people have been out there after hours and lately they've been teenagers throwing lawn chairs, beer bottles and televisions in the pool. I look at the clock to double check that it is in fact 11pm (the pool closes at 10pm) and I go get my sneakers. I march myself outside in my pajamas, no socks and sneakers and proceed to tell those people what's what.

"Excuse me..."

They didn't hear me.


"Oh, Hi!" The dad, who was sitting on the edge of the pool says.

"Uh, my kids window is right there *points to the window 20 feet away* and my kids and husband are trying to sleep. Can you guys keep it down?"

"You heard the lady. Be quiet"

It's still really weird for me, who is only 22 years old, to be referred to as "the lady". I felt kind of bad because apparently the people who were doing all the screaming were little girls about 7 years old...and they were having a sleep over because it's Spring Break. I didn't feel bad for long though because their parents should know better than to have a sleep over on a Tuesday night...people have to go to work even if their kids are home from school.

Oh, and a funny story that I almost forgot.

I go to our apartments office to renew our lease. I get there and one of the ladies asks whether the twins are identical or fraternal. I say they're identical. The other lady who works there tells me she is an identical twin too. (This is important.) So, the twin lady then asks me if I had "boys, girls or one of each"! COME ON! How can I have a boy and a girl if they're identical!!! I can understand, maybe, hearing it from someone who knows nothing about twins, but coming from someone who IS a twin...DEE DEE DEE! (I've been watching a lot of "Mind of Mencia" lately, forgive me!)

Britney Marie


Sheena said...

Nothing makes you feel old like being the youngest person around and being the adult. ::haha:: I've had that same situation before too.

I've had similar situations with people who tell me they are a twin and then proceed to make some kind of ignorant comment. It makes me wonder if they are lieing about being a twin. I wouldn't doubt it! If the person is much, much older I just chock it up to people not knowing how it all works because they didn't have the same medical information they do now. *shrugs* Even then though it makes me want to say "Really? Seriously? You're joking right?!?"

Heather said...

Haha people are just so smrt sometimes.