Thursday, April 10, 2008

Total Request Live's not exactly "live", but it is total request.

It's come to my attention that my Flickr buddies would like to see some videos of the twins. Since I'm too poor to shell out any money for a pro account on Flickr, I figured I could do the next best thing. Blog them. So here they are, some videos of the twins.

This first one is the twins discovering the baby wipe box:

This one is Emma doing her best to crawl to a toy she's spotted:

This last one is Olivia playing with a toy radio she got for Easter:

Hope you guys like them!

Britney Marie


Heather said...

Dude they're so quiet! haha. I love the little commando crawl to get the toy. Such cuties :D Thanks for sharing :D

BritneyMarie said...

Yeah, quiet now! You should hear them when they're unhappy. It's in stereo! Haha!

Em just started crawling like that. She would roll to where ever she wanted to get.

I'll try to get some better videos for you.

Sheena said...

They are so precious. I agree with Heather though. They are pretty quite (at least in the vids). My girls are constantly talking. I swear...I can hear them now when they're 13 wanting to fight over who gets to call their friends on the phone that night.

Diane said...

awwww theyre so cute!!!!!! I wanna pinch them forever!!!