Friday, May 4, 2007

Cheese Face Kitty

The funniest thing happened earlier. Ricky and I were getting ready for bed and he picked up Kitty to take him with us. When they got into bed we looked at Kitty's face and noticed something wasn't quite right. The whole left side of his face was covered in something orange and kinda sticky. At first we were like, "Wtf? Are you ok Kitty?" Then after inspecting it, we thought he might have fell into some kitty puke. Upon further inspection we realized it was nacho cheese.

Ricky and I had chips and cheese dip earlier while we were watching Lost and when we went to bed I put the cheese dip bowl in the sink. I also forgot to rinse it out. Kitty got up on the kitchen counter and licked out half the nacho cheese, complete with jalapenos.

Even after cleaning his face with a washcloth the smell of nacho cheese invades your nostrils when you're near Kitty's face. I wish I had gotten a picture of it.

Britney Marie

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