Thursday, May 3, 2007

One Out Of Three Equals B+

Sometimes I wonder how certain things get calculated. I got my grades back from this past semester. Of my six classes I got an F in four of them. Eh, I expected that. I never went to class because the morning sickness was so bad and I just didn't have it in me. I was expecting to have to take one more semester. I don't really care, the welfare of Em and Liv are all that matter right now.

With that said, I did pass two of my classes. I got an A- in my online computer literacy class. Score one for me! I was expecting a B in the class because I turned in my last homework assignment almost two weeks late, but my teacher was gracious in the grade giving so I managed a 91. *does a little happy dance*

Now, on to the other class that I passed. I think my teacher might be on the sauce because by all accounts there is no freaking way I should have passed this class, let alone gotten the B+ that he gave me. Ok, check this out. There were three tests and a written final paper. I showed up for one test. I did not recieve any notes for said test. I did not even crack the book open for said test. I think it might still be in the shrinkwrap. I literally went to one class, for the test, and there is no way that I actually passed the test. I guessed on every single question because, as I said, I didn't study. I did not know anything about the Psychology of Personality...NOTHING. I also did not write the final paper. Now, how in the hell does that add up at a B+ in the class?

I don't get it, but I'm not going to complain. So, technically I only have to take 4 classes and I'm done, instead of the 5 classes I was counting on taking. Don't you love senile teachers??

Britney Marie

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