Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update On The Babies

I'm officially on bedrest. Not strict bedrest, but bedrest none the less. So, after going to Panama City this weekend for a baby shower, I'll be stuck in Tallahassee until after the babies are born.

It turns out that not only are things opening up from the inside, they're starting to open up from the outside. Can you say preterm labor? All I'm missing are the contractions. My OB told us today that he was going to speak with our specialist about the problem and I should call him tomorrow to schedule our next appointment and find out what the plan is. I asked him today if he thought we would go to term if we could get the preterm labor undercontrol. He said he doesn't see us going to term, but he also doesn't see us having the babies extremely early either. He said he was trying to get us to 34 weeks. And he's also going to put me in the hospital for a few weeks to make sure I get there. I guess depending on what our specialist says will depend on when I go into the hospital.

That's all the updates on me and the babies for now.

Britney Marie

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