Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Body Measurements & 'Before' Photos

When looking at numbers and photos like this, I have to remind myself that one year ago I weighed 200lbs. So these numbers were higher a year ago. I actually look better than I did a year ago. And hopefully, a year from now I will be able to say the same thing about today.

Weight: 163
Weight Goal: 130

Waist: 35 inches
Waist Goal: 30 inches

Hips: 42 inches
Hips Goal: 40

Chest: 40 inches
Chest Goal: 40 (Boobs, please don't leave me!)

Right Arm: 13 inches
Right Arm Goal: 13 inches (Not sure what to put here)

Left Arm: 12 inches
Left Arm Goal: 12 inches (Arms different sizes? WTF?)

Right Thigh: 22 inches
Right Thigh Goal: 22 inches (Again, not sure about goal)

Left Thigh: 22 inches
Left Thigh Goal: 22 inches (At least my thighs match!)

Body Fat %: 33%
Body Fat %: 33% (What is it even supposed to be?)

Before- Front View

Before- Side View

All the stretch marks, wrinkles, creases, and what-nots are all thanks to the Twincesses. All the fat is thanks to all the bad things for you that taste so delicious.

I can't believe I'm about to post these photos on teh interwebz. *closes eyes and presses 'publish'.

*UPDATE*: I just noticed that I am wearing a hot wing eating challenge winner t-shirt. While it really is Ricky's shirt (I can barely handle a lot of pepper on my food) I do see the irony.


SamanthaReina said...

I thought only guys had different arm sizes... LOL JK

BritneyMarie said...

Actually, that would make sense...;D

Smart Mom said...

I love the hot wing shirt! lol

I can't wait for your post a year from now... even a month from now!