Monday, February 6, 2012

Just Dance, Baby!

Today is the official kick-off for the Team Beachbody Challenge. Ricky and I are supposed to start P90x tonight (Yeah, yeah, I know, I said that already last month!). In case we wimped out again, I wanted to at least get some sort of work-out in today. So I called Ricky up to instruct me how to hook the X-Box up to our big television (as opposed to the little tv under the big tv that Ricky uses while we watch our shows at night). Once it was all hooked up I popped in Just Dance 3.

This was my playlist:
1) Apache (Jump on it)
2) ...Baby One More Time
3) California Gurls
4) Dynamite
5) Forget You
6) I'm So Excited
7) Lollipop
8) Take On Me
9) Tightrope
10) Apache (Jump on it) (Did that one twice 'cause I like it.)

After I finished my playlist, I had unlocked the "Simon Say's" mode. I danced to Party Rock Anthem before calling it quits.

My whole work-out was about 45 minutes of actual dancing plus water breaks and choosing songs. Not too bad. When I started the first song, my lets began burning almost immediately. Not sure why. I don't know if it was because I hadn't danced like this in a while, or if all the other times I'd done it I wasn't doing it right so I didn't feel the burn. Whatever the reason, I felt it today!

I look like a hot mess right now. I needed to jump in the shower but I ended up making myself a peanut butter sandwich 'cause I hadn't eaten lunch yet. I sat down to eat it and write this post and now I've run out of time before I have to pick up the Twincesses from school. Hmmm, maybe if I make it really really quick I'll have time.


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Aimee said...

I've never played Just Dance, but it sounds like fun!

Good luck on the BeachBody Challenge! I have a group of clients starting today too! :)