Tuesday, February 14, 2012

P90x Day 9: Plyometrics

Tonight Ricky and I got ready for our most intense workout of the week. We were determined to get all the way through it this time. We started out hard but not so bad that we would pass out half way through. My favorite move on this one is definitely the Heisman. I feel like I could do those all day. Not that I would really want to!

I remember having a bit of trouble on the Swing Kicks the first time around. This time it was hard, but I was able to keep up and complete the whole time. I wasn't going very fast, but I did keep moving for the full time. I'm counting that as a win!

When we first started the Military March I remember thinking how easy they were. They get harder. Much harder the longer you do them! Very deceiving at the beginning!

One thing that I haven't been able to do are the moves where you spin around. I get dizzy very easily and those mess me up every time. Right now I'm taking a water break during them, but I am going to do some sort of exercise during them next time. Jumping jacks or something similar. I had the same problem during Zumba. If there were moves that required spinning, I rarely did them. I hate that I have this problem.


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