Sunday, February 12, 2012

P90x Day 7: Kenpo X & Ab Ripper X

Technically, Ab Ripper was supposed to be done two days ago. Technically, Kenpo X was supposed to be done yesterday. And technically, today was supposed to be a Rest Day. But this week we had to do a little flip-flopping.

We had our Bad Movie Night on Friday and our friends came over a little earlier than usual so we could get a movie in before I had to go to bed early. When the two of them showed up, I wanted to turn off Legs & Back and just get on with our movie, but I thought about how important it was to finish what we start so we postponed our movie for 15 minutes and we finished. One of our friends, Mitch, who is working his way down from 380lbs (he's already down 36lbs to 344lbs!) joined in a bit at the end of our workout for pull-ups and squats. I did feel guilty about holding off movies another 15 minutes for Ab Ripper so Ricky and agreed to do it the next night. We all watched Chillerama, but I had to go to bed half way through at 10:30pm.

The next morning I got up at 3:30 am and met another friend outside for our yard sale. We did pretty good, about $350 between me, my friend, and her mom. I came out with $52 but that was awesome since everything I put in there was from the previous two yard sales. This time everything that didn't sell was hauled away so it is no longer cluttering my garage. Oh, the garage is still a disaster zone, but it just needs to be reorganized, which I plan on doing this week while the kiddos play outside.

We packed up about noon and at 3pm I was exhausted. Ricky watched the twins so I could take a nap, and I woke up at 5:30pm. A few hours later, Sam called and let me know about some late-night babysitting. It worked out perfect since I had gotten my nap in! Between the time the kids went to bed and the time I needed to head out the door, we just had an hour, so Ricky and I agreed to switch our workout to Sunday and have our Rest Day early. I headed over to watch the kids and got home a little before 2am.

Today has been pretty lazy. Ricky let me sleep in, then I let him go back to bed while I took the kiddos over to my mom's house for a few hours. We watched some television and then had dinner at Mom's. After the kiddos went to bed we put in Kenpo X and got to work. The first half is tough! We got just under 30 minutes into it before we had to pause it for an extended break. But after a couple minutes, we pressed play again and finished it up. I really enjoyed it. I knew that I would have a bit of trouble with it because when I went to a Kickboxing class at the Wellness and Fitness center I could only last 30 minutes before I wussed out and left. I had quite a bit of trouble keeping up with the pace/speed on the dvd, but I did get all the reps in. I assume the speed will come with time.

Directly after Kenpo X, we put in Ab Ripper X to finish off the night. Here are our stats for our second attempt.

In and Outs: 30 (R: 25) (We each improved by 10 from last time!!!)
Seated Bicycles: 25 forward & 0 backward (R: 25 forward & 25 backward) (Ricky improved by 5 in each direction from last time!!!)
Seated Crunchy Frog: 10 (R: 5)
Crossed Leg/Wide Leg Sit Ups: 10 (R: 22) (I improved by 10 and Ricky by 2!!!)
Fifer Scissor: 10 (R: 10)
Hip Rock and Raise: 25 (R: 25) (I improved by 5 and Ricky by 10!!!)
Pulse Ups: 25 (R: 25) (We both improved by 10!!!)
Roll Up/V-Up Combo: 3 (R: 10) (I improved by 3 and Ricky by 5!!!)
Oblique V-Ups: 10 (R: 20)
Leg Climbs: 10 on left, 10 on right (R: 10 on left, 10 on right) (I improved by 2 on left and 6 on right!!!)
Mason Twist: 20 (R: 20)

I can't believe that we've improved in just 7 days! I didn't think we would be seeing results like that that fast! I have felt a lot more flexible lately so I decided to see if I had improved any in the Toe Touch since my Fit Test in January. January 17th I could just barely reach my toes so it was 0. Tonight, I got +6! I can hardly believe it! This makes me want to do Stretch X while the kids are in school a few times a week to see how much more I can improve my flexibility.



Aimee said...

Whoa! Awesome improvements!!! You guys rock!

Jayson said...

Wow, congrats on the progress you're already making! +6? thats incredible! I can just barely reach my toes. Very unflexible! Hopefully, I'll improve that soon! One thing though on Ab Ripper X, it's not meant to see how many you can do. I mean, don't try to do MORE than 25 reps in each move. If you push yourselves too hard in one move, than you'll be sacrificing what you could do in the next moves. DO YOUR BEST, FORGET THE REST! I love hearing about your successes on your fitness journey. I can't wait to hear about your next achievements!

BritneyMarie said...

Jayson: Okay, I'll remember that for tonight. Thanks!