Tuesday, February 7, 2012

P90x Day 1: Chest and Back

Last night Ricky and I did P90x: Chest and Back. I have to keep reminding myself that this is an "extreme" fitness program designed for people who 1) know what they're doing and B) were in some sort of decent physical shape before beginning. I am neither of those things. Neither is Ricky, but he's still more in shape than I have ever been.

Here are our stats for Day 1:

1. Standard Push-ups: 5 (R:5)
2. Wide Front Pull-ups: 0 (R:3)
3. Military Push-ups: 0 (R:1)
4. Reverse Grip Chin-ups: 0 (R:7)
5. Wide Fly Push-Ups: 6 (R:8)
6. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups: 2-with chair (R:2)
7. Decline Push-ups: 0 (R:5)
8. Heavy Pants: 31 with 5lb weights (R: 15 with 20lb weights)
9. Diamond Push-ups: 3 (R:0) (I think I did these wrong)
10. Lawnmower: 15 with 5lb weights on each side (R: 15 with 20lb weights on each side)
11. Dive Bomb: 3 (R:2)
12. Back Flys: 15 with 5lb weights (R: 10 with 20lb weights)

We made it 31 minutes into the hour-long dvd. It's much better than the 5-10 minutes we expected to last. We were supposed to do the Ab Ripper dvd but skipped it. Looking back, I wish we had at least attempted it. There's always Day 3 for that.


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Aimee said...

Great job, you guys!

I still do my pull-ups with one foot on a chair. Pull-ups are tough! Keep sticking to it!

Ab Ripper X is one of my favorite dvds. It's only 15 minutes including the stretch at the end.