Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Other Funny Things *January Edition*

Ricky: "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Titanic."
Me: "Why are you mad at Titanic?"
Ricky: "'Cause it's an impossible standard that I cannot live up to."

Me: "You could have chosen video games."
Ricky: "No, I couldn't. It's a twap."

Me: "Do you want to sit on the couch and watch "Titanic" with me? Or do you want to play X-Box and watch one of our tv shows together?"
Ricky: "Titanic?"

Mitch: "She smelled like a dead body filled with hot garbage."

*The girlies are in the bathroom brushing their teeth and arguing*
Me: "Ricky, you better get in there before Olivia decides to hit her with something else!"

The lady in line in front of us has a cart full of Banquet tv dinners and Depends. I don't wanna know.

*After popping a mini-bag of popcorn*
Deidre: "This isn't popcorn, it's a cruel joke."

Baby Kitty just brought me the tie to my bathrobe as a gift.

*the kiddos came home with homework and I figured Ricky would like to help them on it to spend time with them before bed*
Me: "The kiddos have homework that you need to help them on."
Ricky: "Is it math? *think about what he said* "Oh crap, are you mad?"

Ricky is singing Rapunzel songs in Skeletor's voice.

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